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Dogs on Thursday, and What is with the blog world today???

November 29, 2007

I think that most of you who read me often enough know that I sometimes blog multiple times in a day if I am so inspired, and sometimes I skip a week at a time.. as my crazy hectic life might dictate…

I have never received unappreciative comments before today… and to get one that was mean and one that was questioning me about my blog posts just has me in a totally pissy mood…

For the folks out there keeping tabs on making sure you actually post every Thursday for Dogs on Thursday.. here’s my post..

I don’t have pics… which is totally peeving me even more because I spent much of my day looking for a particular picture I wanted to scan in.. so instead I’m giving you the  really wenchy quick post…

With Murphy being 13, and having just said goodbye to Chewy a month ago tomorrow, … I decided to start collecting the Murphsters shedds.. I mean.. beautiful fur, so that I might have it spun into yarn that I could one day when I have my whole boring life to commit to knitting… knit into a memorial item… a pillow or something…

Murphy NEVER ceases to give a full brush of hair (or 30) every time you bring the brush out… and his fur is just long enough to not be a huge pain in the arse when it sheds onto the floor or furniture .. which truly isn’t often since he LOVES being brushed and we have kids that fight over who gets to brush him NOW…

So there.. that’s my DOT post.. I hope that the knittinggal likes it… I’m sure she’ll be back to check on me…

Sorry friends for my totally bitchy mood right now.. I’m probably blowing the whole DOT thing totally out of proportion but sheesh.. I’m being ultra sensitive today and I hate when I get like that.. I think I’ll go make my pumpkin pancakes now and then knit a few pairs of mittens… see you tomorrow

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  1. November 30, 2007 9:21 am

    That is so cute that they fight over who gets to brush him! Here’s a bit of my own weirdness- I like to pull out the little tuffs of under-coat that shedding dogs get in the spring (like huskys, malmutes, german shepards, etc)- not sure why- but its kinda therapudic in a veru weird way. Hope today is better than yesterday!

  2. November 30, 2007 12:04 am

    I am glad you are doing that…. my dogs hair is too short though… You can knit a little lap blanket or something.

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