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I’m still trying to decide how I want to use this page… right now I’m making a ‘comeback’ to my running after an injury, and a long break due to a nasty bout with the flu… I have no races scheduled in the near future…though I don’t know that any exist in my area… at a minimum I want to have a mileage tracker here… so I’ll get that up asap.

PRs (personal records)

5K 20:15 (college, don’t remember the exact date)

10K 48:27 (summer 1995)

13.1 miles (half marathon) 1:41:20 (Bar Harbor Half 9/18/94)

26.2 miles (marathon) 3:50:19 (MDI Marathon 10/15/06)

2007 RacesShamrock Half Marathon: March 18, 2007


Ran this race with Molly and Elizabeth, their first ever race… I helped ‘coach’ them (sort of) through their training and injuries (poor Elizabeth) and they were pleased with their finish and most importantly that they ran the whole race! Great job ladies. As for me… I ran well, finishing better than I had expected… there’s something to say about the cycle cross training plan that I stuck with through my various illnesses of the winter! I ran my race in 1:43:37 which is only 2 minutes off my PR set at 1:41 when I was a whopping 22 years old! Not bad for an old lady of 36!

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  1. May 9, 2008 1:14 am

    Now you’ve got me started and we all need a spur to get along with it:

    800m: Very fast; telling my time would be a boast
    1mile: Quite fast (as above)
    8k: 23’48” (1994)
    5miles: 24’12” (1994)
    10miles: 52’40″(1994 – training run)
    20miles: 2hrs (1987 – training run)

    Now I’ve written it down and it looks good. 27’00” for five miles should be attainable as a master!

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