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December 18, 2010


I’m baking…

I love the Christmas holidays!

ps… Hi Chan!


Dear Blog

December 16, 2010

I miss you! I don’t want to neglect you, however… time just simply isn’t my friend lately!

I promise though to try…. to try this new year to pay closer attention to you…


Blog on…

June 11, 2010

Well, it’s officially summer.. the kids are out of school, and so am I!  For those who are maybe still checking my blog (I’d be surprised at this point)… that don’t know me personally… I went back to work full time in February.  I’m now teaching 6th grade science, and I couldn’t be happier!

I love my new job, my students, and the school where I’m teaching… seems I fell into the perfect job.. my kids still have my full attention and I’m home with them for the summer, and I am back in the work force doing something I love and adore. 🙂

All that being said, I know that I won’t be able to blog much during the regular school year… but I do want to try… I do miss blogging… so I’m jumping back onto the blogwagon for the summer at the least…

Our last ‘big’ project, and probably the most popular of the year was to hatch chickens…  we placed 24 eggs into our incubator and were lucky enough to hatch 15 healthy chicks.  I chose a hybrid breed of the Arcauna species of chicken.  They are more commonly known as Easter Eggers because they lay green, blue, or pink eggs!  I knew that the interestingly colored eggs would entertain the kids, plus, the chickens are prolific egg layers and handle the NC heat well.  We found student homes for all the chickens which was a huge surprise to me!  The students really loved having them in class, and I know that these chicks will do well in the families they’ve gone to as they were handled so regularly in class…

On the last day of school, one of the girls had such fun perched on my laptop screen, watching me type… I just couldn’t resist getting her photo…

I’m of course still knitting,… Ravelry is a central part of my ‘entertainment’… and the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup is still a very active part of my knitting life… I love coming up with ways to make something I want to knit fit into a HP theme and class…  so sorry if that dorks you out! 😉

The Littles are great.. not so little these days… Rosalie is only 3″ shorter than her mama now… and Emmett is growing like a boy weed always grows… Little Alice is 5.5 now, and will be a big kindergartener in the fall.  She’s built most like her Mama… petite… so I don’t know if she’ll get the ‘giant’ gene from her daddy the way her siblings probably have!

Gardening is my second love… and ours is well under way… I plan to take photos today…  we purchased our tomatoes as individual plants this year… we just always do better when we choose already healthy plants rather than trying to grow them from seed…  we have LOADS of green tomatoes already.. on the ‘Big Boy’ plant, the Grape tomato plant,  and the Roma plant…  our Cilantro flowered (oops)… I need to see if I cut off the flowering parts if the plant will still be useable… Basil is doing awesome, so are the onnions (green, red and yellow)…  Peas are producing lots already.. and this year we attempted corn.. the plants are getting big 🙂

My cucumbers and watermelon are both doing great!!!  Looks like we’ll have a great crop!  I need to get a tomato cage for the watermelon plant to grow on… the cukes are growing up their trellis great!

Hope you are having a great start to your summer… I know ours is going to be fantastic… filled with kayaking, hiking, running (yay), gardening and knitting… I do also hope to get a camping trip or two in!  Check back and see what we’re up to this summer!

Merry Craftmas and Fleece Navidad

December 24, 2009

What do you do when you discover that ALL of your Christmas decorations are buried in the storage facility??? Why… craft up what you need of course!

This year’s tree is smaller than in years past… we were able to borrow a tree stand from a friend fortunately and crafted our decorations!  The star is cardboard and glitter of course (such easy kid-friendly crafting there)… and why not get in touch with our history by creating a cranberry and popcorn garland… The kids all made ornaments at school, and here at the house out of simple paper and tape in most cases!

For stockings I had a bag of fleece leftovers from various sewing projects and quickly whipped up a unique stocking for each of us…

I’m certain that this is the Christmas the kids will look back on and remember for years and years to come…

Dear Blog, do you miss me? I miss you…

December 10, 2009

I miss blogging.. I really do.  

I recently told a friend that I wish there was one extra day of the week where NOTHING else existed but me… so I could spend an uninterrupted day getting all the things DONE in my life that I lately never have time for… 




There was one glorious year… where I blogged incessantly… had tons of time to bake for my kids and family, craft like a banshee and do all sorts of things that today I feel I hardly have time for… that was the first year we were in PA.. and I was miserable, lonely, and depressed.. so I really WOULDN’T go back to that even if it meant I could blog to my hearts content… bake up a storm and knit like a looney… (well, we all know I still knit like a looney, I just don’t blog about it)…

I miss reading blogs, and chatting with blog friends…  I feel a bit disconnected from my blog friends at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think of you… I really do.. often…

My mom once told me that as your kids get older, the chaos gets bigger… and I always thought she was so wrong… I mean seriously as the kids get older, they get more responsible and can do more things for themselves… they get older, they get busier and so do you…  we have 2 in scouts, one in gymnastics and all fall on different days each week…  school, activities, holidays, family, life… 

Its keeping me happily busy… but sadly away from my sweet blog and sweeter blogging friends!

I do hope you all have a fantastic holiday season… hugs and holiday wishes for you and yours!

Oh the shame….

October 29, 2009

main_graphic_coffee_break1So… my children’s school system went with this county wide early release for every Wednesday afternoon … 1 hour early EVERY WEEK… they make up for it with extra time each of the remaining four days of school… and then hold their faculty/staff meetings on Wednesday…


I keep forgetting about this…  I mean.. I don’t know why… seriously… what’s so hard about remembering the bus is coming 1 hour earlier on Wednesday… on every SINGLE Wednesday!


This morning, I will meet the bus with a $10 gift card and 25 pack of munchin’s from Dunkin Donuts… because yesterday when I forgot… I wasn’t HOME…


The bus driver brought my kids to our home, and I WASN’T HERE!!!  I was at the post office…


… he had to drive the kids all the way back to the school.. and the school called the house and I still didn’t even know that I was late…it wasn’t yet time for them to be off the bus when they called (at least in my little bubble!)

OH MY WORD… what is wrong with me!?!?!?!

I blame stress…

25 WIPs? For real??

October 18, 2009

Ok.. I started the year of with GOOD intentions to decrease significantly my knitting WIPs… and well.. I did do a great job for a while there.. had some reasonable rules to abide and was doing great… and then I joined the HPKCHC group (Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup)… well… I kinda let go of my rules then and there.. and knit to my hearts content on all sorts of new and fun projects… but now I’m back to looking at my WIP basket and thinking I need to get back on track…

Ok… so… let’s review my list of projects.. with a few alterations to the list to keep it simple… (removed all the completed projects and added notes regarding each project)


Taking a nap? Not any longer I hope!

1. Reader’s Wrap for Bella aka ME ** More than half done, but ran out of yarn, need to find where I can order it, either I have the color name incorrect (lost the ball band) or the discontinued this color as I can’t even find it on Ravelry.
2. Hamster for Emmett – Need to frog, found a better pattern and already knit it for him.
3. Kitchen Bag for Me – probably should frog and just pick a good pattern that’s out there to make a few grocery bags.
4. I Love Edward socks – just have the duplicate stitch left.. why do I let that nasty stitch bother me so much!
5. My Eskimo – now that the weather has turned colder here I should really pull this out and move it to the top of my list…
6. Esme’s Crest Bag (Design) – began knitting but really need to get more practice with stranded color work before I give this another try.
7. Rosalie’s Harry Potter afghan – will be a project soon
8. Alice’s Dishcloth Afghan – not much progress here.. should go back to this…
9. Alien Hat – too big, need to frog
10. Odessa for Me – I do so love this pattern.. should pull it out and get to work on it
11. Hemlock Ring Blanket – see above
12. Pomatomus Socks – 1 sock complete.. come on.. let’s not let second sock syndrome take over!
13. Swallowtail (new 2009) – I want to finish this soon
14. My Reading Mitts-remix (2009) – 1 mitt done…
15. Easter Bunnies x3 (2009) – 2 of 3 complete, will use for Easter next year.
16. The inevitable Sock Leftover blanket (2009) – this will be a long ongoing project…
17. Croc Socs (2009) – too big for JJ, should knit for John rather than frogging… It’s toe up and am doing the foot right now…what’s a little more length at this point?
18. Janet’s Cancer socks – on the toe of sock #1, need to be finished with these soon
19. Quiddy Hat – #3 of the quidditch preemie hats.. more like a newborn size. Needs seeming…
20. JJ’s Mario blanket – Christmas gift, nearly 30% complete
21. Chan’s heel huggers – 1 sock complete.. easy quick knit.. should get that other one cranked out asap!
22. Mermaid Towel – just a long process.. needed a break.. but it’s coming along nicely
23. Goblet of Fire cowl – barely cast on…
24. Invisiblity cloak, want this done for me to wear for Christmas
25. Runs with Wolves mitts – need pattern finished by Tuesday if possible? Not looking good…

Let’s also mention here that I have 8 projects I want to knit for Christmas gifts …. I dont’ know that I can institute my old rules and get those projects completed as well… but I’m going to try… I’m sure I can at least get those froggable ones taken care of quickly!