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Signs that it’s summer

June 28, 2011


First off.. I’m Blogging… so it MUST be summer… because everyone that knows me knows that I gave up on nearly everything in my normal life when I went back to work last year…  now… that doesn’t mean I’m sad or upset or that I regret my decision to return to work… it just means that I’m insanely busy…  and… fortunately… happily so…


Other signs…

My flowers are blooming




The figs are growing…

The corn is soaking

The kids are zonking out periodically

The kayaks are in the lake

My classes have started….



But I am finding time to read and knit….


Happy Summer!

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  1. chanknits permalink
    June 29, 2011 8:57 am

    What a treat! Enjoy your summer, and I hope you’ll blog a bit more? 😉

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