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25 WIPs? For real??

October 18, 2009

Ok.. I started the year of with GOOD intentions to decrease significantly my knitting WIPs… and well.. I did do a great job for a while there.. had some reasonable rules to abide and was doing great… and then I joined the HPKCHC group (Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup)… well… I kinda let go of my rules then and there.. and knit to my hearts content on all sorts of new and fun projects… but now I’m back to looking at my WIP basket and thinking I need to get back on track…

Ok… so… let’s review my list of projects.. with a few alterations to the list to keep it simple… (removed all the completed projects and added notes regarding each project)


Taking a nap? Not any longer I hope!

1. Reader’s Wrap for Bella aka ME ** More than half done, but ran out of yarn, need to find where I can order it, either I have the color name incorrect (lost the ball band) or the discontinued this color as I can’t even find it on Ravelry.
2. Hamster for Emmett – Need to frog, found a better pattern and already knit it for him.
3. Kitchen Bag for Me – probably should frog and just pick a good pattern that’s out there to make a few grocery bags.
4. I Love Edward socks – just have the duplicate stitch left.. why do I let that nasty stitch bother me so much!
5. My Eskimo – now that the weather has turned colder here I should really pull this out and move it to the top of my list…
6. Esme’s Crest Bag (Design) – began knitting but really need to get more practice with stranded color work before I give this another try.
7. Rosalie’s Harry Potter afghan – will be a project soon
8. Alice’s Dishcloth Afghan – not much progress here.. should go back to this…
9. Alien Hat – too big, need to frog
10. Odessa for Me – I do so love this pattern.. should pull it out and get to work on it
11. Hemlock Ring Blanket – see above
12. Pomatomus Socks – 1 sock complete.. come on.. let’s not let second sock syndrome take over!
13. Swallowtail (new 2009) – I want to finish this soon
14. My Reading Mitts-remix (2009) – 1 mitt done…
15. Easter Bunnies x3 (2009) – 2 of 3 complete, will use for Easter next year.
16. The inevitable Sock Leftover blanket (2009) – this will be a long ongoing project…
17. Croc Socs (2009) – too big for JJ, should knit for John rather than frogging… It’s toe up and am doing the foot right now…what’s a little more length at this point?
18. Janet’s Cancer socks – on the toe of sock #1, need to be finished with these soon
19. Quiddy Hat – #3 of the quidditch preemie hats.. more like a newborn size. Needs seeming…
20. JJ’s Mario blanket – Christmas gift, nearly 30% complete
21. Chan’s heel huggers – 1 sock complete.. easy quick knit.. should get that other one cranked out asap!
22. Mermaid Towel – just a long process.. needed a break.. but it’s coming along nicely
23. Goblet of Fire cowl – barely cast on…
24. Invisiblity cloak, want this done for me to wear for Christmas
25. Runs with Wolves mitts – need pattern finished by Tuesday if possible? Not looking good…

Let’s also mention here that I have 8 projects I want to knit for Christmas gifts …. I dont’ know that I can institute my old rules and get those projects completed as well… but I’m going to try… I’m sure I can at least get those froggable ones taken care of quickly!

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  1. October 18, 2009 12:01 pm

    LOL… I’m not feeling so badly about my SIX WIPs now… 😉

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