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Helplessly late

March 9, 2009

But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. My new year’s goals were to tackle the UFOs and I’m doing it… slowly but surely… We’ve had a rough month (February) with illnesses.. so blogging, and even knitting took a back burner while we all got healthy again… my antibiotics are half way through their course… so I finally feel like the Strep is gone (not that I’d stop the meds.. I’m no dummy)… I even ran this weekend! 🙂

The weather here was absolutely stunning this weekend… the highest was 63… wow… that’s remarkable for NEPA… We spent much of yesterday outdoors doing yard cleanup/work… between the chainsaw, lugging logs, and raking… my shoulders and sides are very sore today… but in a good way 🙂 I have much still to do, but the yard looks better already… and it is a nice early start… we kinda had to get a jump on it as we’re planning a raised bed veggie garden this year, and we want to build that before the end of March… and… we’re planning on building the kids ‘fort’ (we’re still determining if it’s a treehouse, or just a play house in the woods)… this spring for their birthdays…. the big guy would like it to be complete for the big days in April… so he needs to finish clearing the area it may go, and get working…

Sadly our weather is due to go back to the normal temps for this time of year… but honestly mid 40’s is way better in my book than the 20s/30s we’ve been having…

I want to catch up on my Finishing Friday posts… so I’ll do that here… some things I’ve blogged already.. but no harm in mentioning them again 🙂


My last finishing friday post was on February 20th, which is a little over 2 weeks ago… during that two week period though I ended up with kids with the stomach flu, and some weird high fever virus thingy, and then I ended up with Strep throat… so… knitting was not as productive as weeks past… no biggie.. I did complete a few things… 🙂

First Finish: Headmaster Socks



Pattern :Vivace Socks (rav link)
US 1 circs
Dumbledore Colorway, Sunshine Yarns Twist Sock Yarn

Lovely simple pattern, stockinette sock with a picot trim… If I knit this again, I’ll knit the picot trim in a size down as they ‘flare’ a bit since I don’t like my socks to go too high up my calf… As always I love love love Dani’s yarn…

Booga Bag (example for knitting class)


I made the booga in a ‘mini’ size in order to have a small sample ready for the Felted Bag class I’ll be teaching at Cozy Cabin this month.

Pattern: booga bag
US 9
Joann’s Kashmira feltable wool… very soft.. liked working with it.

I have a number of babies I will be knitting for over the next few months… the first is a boy that is due in early April, to my cousin and his fiance.  My cousin is a huge red sox fan, and I have a few things in the works…

I completed this baby boy brimmed cap (which I’ve knit before and love)


Pattern: Baby Boy Brimmed Cap
US 6 needle? I think
Bernat Satin Yarn, a bit splitty but great for baby knits

Still in the works for this baby are a baseball sweater, and a pair of booties 🙂  I’m nearly done with both and expect to have them completed by the end of the week.

I had actually finished Dobby quite a while back.. but Rosalie kept bringing him to school and I could never get my hands on him long enough to snap a photo.  The finished guy is a bit more bug eyed than I’d like.. but… he’s complete.. and Rose LOVES him… finding just the right eyes proved to be much harder than I thought…



I’m planning on trying to re-create my process to ‘Dobby‘ in my Rav projects… a few folks have asked for a pattern…

I also tackled dyeing over the last few weeks… it’s loads of fun and I plan more in my ‘near’ future.  I got some knit picks sock base and will play with that a bunch more…

There is one thing that needs semi-immediate completion,

Cabled Clutch bag for my cable workshop on March 25th… I hope to finish that this week too…


All that is left is lining it and attaching the handles.

I will be done with and additional pair of socks by Friday, and can’t say I love the colors… but I had been dying to try this yarn for eons (and it’s been in my stash at least that long)… and I like how it’s striping 🙂


Here’s my updated WIPs/UFOs list

1. Snowman Hat for Rosalie
2. Snowman Hat for Emmett’s Best Bud
3. Vine Lace Scarf for Lace Knitting Class
4. Reader’s Wrap for Bella aka ME ** More than half done, but ran out of yarn, need to find where I can order it.
5. Ravenclaw Trapped Bar Scarf
6. Dobby for Rosalie
7. Hamster for Emmett
8. Kitchen Bag for Me
9. I Love Edward Socks
10. My Eskimo
11. My Underthings
12. Carlisle’s Cabled Hat – Moved to the Frog List
13. Chewyghan ** Balled the yarn for the finishing of this lapghan, no excuses now!
14. Esme’s Crest Bag (Design)
15. Peppermint Cloth
16. Rosalie’s dishcloth afghan
17. Alice’s Dischloth Afghan
18. Alice’s boa scarf
19. Emmett’s green fuzzy scarf
20. Halloween Cloth (Ball band)
21. Alien Hat
22. Odessa for Me
23. Hemlock Ring Blanket
24. Pomatomus Socks
25. Cabled Scarf ** Can’t find pattern, may end up frogging
26. Bus Scarf (Design)
27. Blue Linus Project Pattern baby afghan (Planning to Frog now)
28. June is for Jag Scarf (new 2009)
29. Amanda Hat (new 2009)
30. Neck truffle (new 2009)
31. Secret PIF Gift (new 2009)
32. Swallowtail (new 2009)
33. Cocoa Swap Buddy (new 2009)
34. Tracey’s Reading Mitts (new 2009)
35. My Reading Mitts-remix (2009)
36. Dream in Color Shrug (2009)
37. Denise Hat Test knit (2009)
38. Valentine’s Hearts (mochimochi land) (2009)
39. 5-Heart Dishcloth (2009)
40. Mini Marshmallow Keychain (2009)
41. Headmaster socks (2009)
42. Baby Boy Brimmed Hat (2009)

43. Booties for Michael’s baby (2009)
44. Baseball Sweater for Michael’s baby (2009)
45. Mini Booga Bag (2009)
46. Cabled Clutch for Cable Workshop (2009)
47. Simple Trekking Socks (2009)

5 Comments leave one →
  1. 5elementknitr permalink
    March 13, 2009 9:46 am

    That’s a really impressive list! And an even more impressive bunch of cross-outs for FO’s!

    I got my package of marshmallows and stitch markers yesterday – thank you so much, I love it all!

  2. March 10, 2009 6:06 pm

    It sounds like we had strep at the same time. I’ve got 5 more days left of my meds, too. You still got a lot done, though! Glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

  3. Cindy permalink
    March 9, 2009 5:47 pm

    You make my pile of WIP’s not seem so bad, until I look at the potential projects waiting for me to finish the current projects. Good luck!

  4. gimpykatk permalink
    March 9, 2009 8:52 am

    Keep taking those meds Michelle. I hope the DR gives me some when i see him Wednesday. I’m sick of being sick. You did get a lot doe being sick though, amazing. I’m lucky to squeeze out a dishcloth these days.

  5. chanknits permalink
    March 9, 2009 8:00 am

    As always, you are super-busy! Love ’em all, especially the baby hat. (And is that a coppery streak in blue-purple socks? Why? Who thought that was a good plan?)

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