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Whisker’s on Wednesday

October 29, 2008

I don’t post about Sparky enough… he really is quite a comical addition to our household.. and deserves more attention than I give him…

Sparky was born on St. Paddy’s Day in 2000, and we brought him home just a few days before I had our first child, the big girl…  He earned his name by viciously attacking and continually chewing on the various electrical cords that reside behind the entertainment center… I thought for sure he’d end up with permanently frizzed out fur… but.. .as with the 9-lives scenario.. he never seemed to be harmed…

Sparky puts up with a lot… visiting cats of our in-laws, children chasing him to pet him, and my dear husband who insists on ‘forcing’ the cat to be pet even when he doesn’t want to…  He’s an indoor-outdoor kitty, who spends a good deal more time IN during the colder months than out…  It’s during this time that he snuggles up on MY side of the bed (I do feed him, and DO NOT force him to be held, pet, or antagonized) and warms my too often cold tootsies… though last night he decided to snub me… and I can’t fathom why (snigger)… I’m sure it had NOTHING to do with trying to get an appropriate Halloween picture for the Whisker’s on Wednesday contest

It took all evening to finally get him to fall asleep deeply enough to place that little addition onto his head without him attacking it, or me… 😉  it’s not the best picture, but it’ll have to do… he’s way to leery of me at the moment to get something better…

I knit up that little hat from scraps, and while it was intended for Sparky, it’s now going to the kid’s Webkinz…  (Pattern to follow)

Hope you all have a fantastic WoW Halloween… if you’re lucky you won’t have one like this….

While there wasn’t a LOT of snow.. there was just enough after the rain mix yesterday for the Littles to make a tiny snowman just the right size for Sparky’s witch hat!

Happy ‘almost’ Halloween!

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  1. Anita permalink
    October 29, 2008 4:44 pm

    That’s funny! You snuck that on him when he wasn’t paying attention. LOL

  2. October 29, 2008 3:27 pm

    LOL Yeah, Puss would not be pleased with being decorated. lol I’d likely lose an arm. Fluffy, however,….hmmm.

  3. October 29, 2008 9:25 am

    Yeah, Sparky called me last night in a panic, asking for the 800 number to the Pet Abuse Hotline, but I talked him down. He now understands that pet accessory knitting is not meant as degradation, but a knitting compulsion. He is still not happy about it, and will likely not be receptive in the future, but agreed to not involve the authorities.
    BTW, I can’t wait to torture my own with one of those!

  4. chanknits permalink
    October 29, 2008 8:13 am

    The first photo isn’t showing up in my reader or when I come to your blog. POUT!!!!

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