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10 years? How does it go by so fast?

October 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey (not that he reads my blog..)

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  1. October 13, 2008 4:27 pm

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. kasiaiscarly permalink
    October 13, 2008 11:48 am

    oh my gosh! how tall is your hubby?!

    congrats on the anniversary!

  3. October 13, 2008 11:10 am

    Happy Anniversary! Love the puppy in church 🙂

  4. Debbi permalink
    October 13, 2008 9:04 am

    Congrats on #10 and many more. I laughed when you wondered where the 10 years went. My husband and I said the same thing recently about #40! And we still feel like we did at #10 (only more in love).

  5. chanknits permalink
    October 13, 2008 8:23 am

    Happy anniversary!

  6. October 13, 2008 8:21 am

    * should read doggy bow tie… lol. Of course I love Murphster too!

  7. October 13, 2008 8:20 am

    Love the stool… and love the doggy!


  8. October 12, 2008 10:57 pm

    Happy Happy Anniversary. Hope you guys had a fabulous day together. I love the step-stool. Hubby must be tall, because you don’t look short. I really love that Mr. Murphy was in the wedding and photos. g

  9. Mary permalink
    October 12, 2008 9:29 pm

    Love the ladder…lol I should’ve done that for
    Hope you guys had a great aniversary!! What an awesome couple!

  10. October 12, 2008 12:33 pm

    What great pictures! Congratulations on reaching the 10 year mark!

  11. October 11, 2008 10:43 pm

    Happy 10 years!!

  12. October 11, 2008 10:11 pm

    so how tall is he??? Wow.

    Happy 10 years and best wishes!

  13. October 11, 2008 7:13 am

    Congratulations & best wishes for many many more years together! Great pics!!!

  14. October 11, 2008 12:18 am

    My Anniversary was yesterday (the 9th) and 9 years for us. Congratulations. I love to see couples make it when so many don’t.

  15. Anita permalink
    October 10, 2008 9:12 pm

    Happy Anniversary!! 🙂

  16. October 10, 2008 7:09 pm

    Happy Anniversary!! The stool is just too cute and I love the doggie bowtie.

  17. October 10, 2008 6:33 pm

    AWWW Congrats!!! Have a FABULOUS anniversary!!

  18. Amanda permalink
    October 10, 2008 4:11 pm

    I LOVE THE STOOL. So cute.

    You guys are such a wonderful couple. Spending some time at your home a few weeks ago, I really felt comfortable and you could feel the love through the house. You have a really special thing going, and I am happy to have you as a friend. Happy Anniversary to you both.

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