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The Elusive FO

February 8, 2008

When you suffer from startitis like I am… you are severely lacking in FOs…  but I hope that I have crossed a HUGE hurtle towards many more FOs for 2008…

Last night I finished the unfinished project that has been my crutch… and there is absolutely NOTHING special about this particular object and the difficulty of knitting it.. other than the miles of stockinette and resulting miles of seaming…

The seaming is entirely why this item sat in my ‘to be finished’ basket since last March (yes… you read that correctly… March 2007)…  but last night, I finished the last seam,  sewed in the elastic waistband, and presented this skirt to my Big Girl who had NO recollection of requesting said skirt… until reminded of how long ago she’d asked for it…

I admit to being a tad frustrated, even a bit angry that she didn’t want to try it on…  she had just gotten into her jammies of course… but still…  she had so enthusiastically NEEDED this skirt last year…

No problem, I know that in time it will be a favorite of hers… she loves loves loves to wear skirts… 🙂


Spiral Skirt, Barefoot Knits

US 6, Brown Fleece Cotton in Fuscia, Size 6

I think finishing that skirt though had a profound effect on finishing of other items as well.  I finally wove in all the little ends and seamed the Saartje Booties for my friend Elizabeth’s soon to be born baby.  I owe a matching baby hat… which will be OTN today I hope.  I misplaced the buttons for the booties in my ill state last week, so I am still searching…


Saartje’s Booties, Crystal Palace Bunny Hop, US2.5

I like to try new patterns and techniques, and especially enjoy picking something new for me to knit when it’s for a swap pal.  This round’s dishcloth pal is getting  a pretty cabled snowflake cloth from the December Mid Month (Monthly Dishcloth KAL).  I admit to wanting to chuck the thing when it called for a CO of 158 stitches.. I had to pull out my ‘Cass’ Long needles to knit this one up!  The cables kept me attentive, and took me a whole lot longer than my usual 1 hour to knit up a cloth… but in the end I love the result…


Cabled Snowflake Cloth, December Mid-month cloth at Monthly Dishcloth KAL
US 6, Lion Cotton Ease

The only FO I have that I am less than thrilled with… but still like… is the Ball Band Dishcloth.  I still need to weave in ALL those little ends!… I’d been dying to try this pattern.  I cast this on during our delay in Orlando at the airport.  While I love the colors I picked, and the way this cloth looks as a whole I hate the ‘unfinished’ look of the edges… is it just me???  I actually read a review and suggested change to this pattern before knitting it that deals with this.. if only I’d remembered that before casting on…  I had knit this for my dishcloth pal, but am thinking I’ll re-do it for her a bit smaller, and with the changes, once I find that site…


Ball Band dishcloth, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in teal and green, US 6

Today I plan to cast on #2 of Fetching so that when the cold weather hits again this weekend I’ll have a finished pair 😉  Maybe this will be the end of my startitis (of course I highly doubt that… I already spent half hour this morning looking at patterns on Ravelry… my time suck 😉

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  1. February 10, 2008 6:26 am

    Holy cow woman, you’ve been busy. Now there’s a little bit of a nudge to those of us who can’t seem to get a thing done. There is no such thing as suffering from startitis when you have that many FOs 😛

  2. holly permalink
    February 8, 2008 6:50 pm

    Look at you. I think the ball band would just look better with a border around it. I did it for a pal and didn’t like mine. That skirt is precious and she will like it.

  3. February 8, 2008 5:32 pm

    Hmm you get a lot done even when sick. I love the skirt it’s PINK, lol

  4. chanknits permalink
    February 8, 2008 2:12 pm

    Good for you! I love the skirt. The snowflake cloth is impressive too. I must be a slow knitter, because it takes me much more than an hour to do a cloth!

  5. February 8, 2008 2:02 pm

    Wow! You go girl! That’s a lot of FO’s!

    I think I saw a modified version of the ballband on You might take a look at that one. Sue does beautiful patterns. 🙂

  6. February 8, 2008 9:45 am

    You must be feeling better to have your post up already! When I do the ball band washcloth, I don’t cut the yarn – I just carry the unused color up the side. I haven’t ever tried it, but maybe if you slipped the first stitch of each row to get a neater edge?

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