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An old dog

January 10, 2008

An old, tired-looking dog wandered into the yard.  I could tell from his collar and well-fed belly that he had a home.  He followed me into the house, down the hall, and fell asleep in a corner.


An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out.

The next day he was back, resumed his position  in the hall, and slept for an hour.  This continued for several weeks.

Curious, I pinned a note to his collar: “Every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap.”

The next day he arrived with a different note pinned to his collar:

“He lives in a home with ten children — he’s trying to catch up on his sleep.

Can I come with him tomorrow?”   Ahhh… this seems to be ME lately!   Thanks Nichole for sending that email.. totally cute… sadly couldn’t get as cute a pic of Murph as the one that was in the email…

On the knitting front… I mentioned a FO the other day… and here it is.. my new favorite scarf:


this is a shorter than usual scarf… I just want it for snuggling up to my neck.. not all wrapped around hundreds of times.. so I kept it short.

Yarn: Bernat Bamboo, off white
Needles: Knit on US7, bamboo straights


The front and back…


Also… a NEW CUT… which for me is huge.. I rarely do anything other than keep my hair long, straight, and one length (at least that is true for the last few years anyway)… but I decided to go with something I used to do for a while.. shorter, and with a few long layers…  what do you think???


Now… with regards to my Cocoa swap.  I’m hesitant to post pics here of my knitting in progress… will the fact that I’m  hosting mean that I’ll have more visitors than usual checking out my site?? Should I post the ‘buddy project’ in progress?? If you are from the cocoa swap, comment here so I can figure out if it’s safe to post my project in progress… 🙂

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  1. chanknits permalink
    January 11, 2008 10:30 am

    Love the new ‘do. LOVE the scarf. Mooch Murphy on the nose for me, will ya?

  2. January 11, 2008 9:24 am

    The hair cut looks great!!! It reminds me that I need to get my hair “touched up.”

    For the Buddy project- I’m just going to post what % of mine is done- no details otherwise- I don’t want to give too much away!

  3. January 11, 2008 1:46 am

    The hair looks great! And I love the story about the dog. 🙂

  4. January 10, 2008 9:02 pm

    Nice FO! You’ve gotten a lot done lately, with the swap and knitting… not to mention spending time with the kids! WOW, Wonder Woman!

  5. January 10, 2008 7:59 pm

    Very nice haircut! I used to love that length — perfect for wearing down & easy, but long enough that it can pop back into a pony if need be. You look great!

    Why would an increase of visitors mean you not posting your knitting? Me = confused.

  6. January 10, 2008 5:01 pm

    Oh, I LOVE the haircut…you look so refreshed!

    (That is a compliment…I know it sounds back-handed, but it’s really not)

  7. holly permalink
    January 10, 2008 5:00 pm

    The Bernat Bamboo is so soft. I bet it feels so good. I love the hair cut, very cute and sassy.

  8. January 10, 2008 4:20 pm

    Oh Murphy looks great… a nice pic to go with the story! 🙂 Glad you could relate, lol
    The cut looks fantastic on you!
    The scarf looks super cuddly!

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