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Cocoa Swap Questionnaire

January 6, 2008

For my cocoa swap pal I keep a tab at the top navigation where I will also post this questionnaire for your ‘easy’ to locate pleasure! 😉

1. What is your favorite way to drink cocoa? Prepared with milk? Water? from home made recipe or store bought?, In a tea cup, or big mug?

If I can I like to make it the old fashioned way, with a pot of milk on the stovetop. I drink from a variety of cute, but greatly durable mugs that typically are seasonal/holiday in nature. If it’s in the evening, it’s often with a healthy helping (read that as half the mug) of Bailey’s Irish cream!

2. Marshmallows or whipped cream?

Now that’s somewhat hard to decide… most of the time it’s marshmallows.. home made when I get the chance. As a kid I wanted Fluff because it was really already melted marshmallows…  I reserve whipped cream for my coffee now!

1. What is your favorite type of yarn? In what colors?

I love sock yarn, have a nice collection of it, but have yet to knit a pair of socks.. I know that’s weird, but well.. socks are high on my list for this year! I love anything soft and love cotton yarns too. My favorite colors.. well.. I’m a blue and green girl. I love blue/green combinations, and by themselves. Really though, I love any colors… turquoise, and other bluey greeney shades just really make me smile 🙂

2. Do you knit or crochet (or both)? Just knit… not sure I’ll ever get the hang of doing something with yarn and only 1 needle.

3. What are your favorite type of needles, would you like to try something new?

I love wooden needles.. have a healthy supply of Clover bamboos. I have one pair of ‘gasp,I’m unsure of the name’.. Lantern moons??? I think that is it… they are absolute heaven in my hands.. but at a size 10.5, I don’t have many things I’m knitting with them… this brand in a 6 or 7 would be trumping all other needles in my stash!

4. Do you have a healthy supply of notions? Yes.. healthy is a good way to describe it… though… it’s BMI is only just barely in the healthy range.. we’re kinda borderline obese to be honest..

5. What one thing do you keep thinking you need to buy for your knitting habit (outside of yarn)? Anita’s measuring tapes are adorable and I must have one someday.. a proper knitting notions bag or some sort of containment contraption would be nice at some point as well. I also really covet that cool and pretty Knit Picks cable needle… the straight one with the grooves…

6. What is your favorite ‘quick knit/crochet’ pattern (quick gratification)

Any dishcloth pattern, or a small felted bag… I love the Harvest Moon collections, and .. oh shoot.. what’s her name.. I’ll have to look that one up too… but this past year my favorite thing to knit, which I did many of, is hats…

1. What is your favorite thing to do in the Winter? Hmm indoors… knit, play with the kids, run on the treadmill, outdoors.. sledding… shoveling *yes I’m weird.. , and running when it’s not too too cold.

2. What is your favorite animal? Dogs… love them to pieces.. non-pet favorite.. monkeys and frogs

3. Do you get the ‘winter blahs’? not really.. I’m generally even keeled year round with my emotional well-being. I’m chipper, gabby, and friendly.

4. What is your favorite way to beat the blahs? When I get the rare blah feeling, I like to talk to friends, knit, or listen to cheery music.

5. What is the thing you are most looking forward to this spring? The spring flowers, our home is new, but I found some bulbs in my plantings this fall, so I can’t wait to see what we’ll have in our yard.  I adore gardening and am really looking forward to working in  my new backyard.

6. What are your favorite treat?

Butterscotch/caramels. I’m a VANILLA girl.. not really a chocolate girl. Don’t get me wrong.. chocolate definitely has it’s place.. like in a brownie… but when I want a treat.. I run for the caramels Werther’s if I have them.. or.. hard candies, like the creme savers. I also adore dried ginger, and ginger candies.. but they can be hard to find.

7. What is your favorite board game? Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, and Scrabble.. though I’m not that great at any of them.  I used to be amazing and unbeatable at Pictionary, but only with my high school friend Merry as my partner.. it’s like we were able to channel our pathetic drawings…

8. Do you have any children (furry or human)? I have 3 human children, Girl/Boy/Girl ages 7, 5, and 3 and 1 furry dogchild,  Murphy, who’s 13, and a kitty, Sparky who’s 7.

9. Do you have any allergies or special considerations you partner should know about? Mice, though I doubt you’ll be sending me any mouse urine or fur.. I developed allergies to them after years of doing research… and I’m allergic to cats… Sparky is posing a particularly interesting thing for me this winter… he’s decided that the cold of PA (in comparison to his previous 7 years as a NC cat) means that he should be inside this winter instead of his usual outside lifestyle. I’m living on claritin right now! 😉

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  1. January 7, 2008 5:13 pm

    “easy to locate pleasure”


  2. January 7, 2008 2:40 pm

    Michelle, I forgot all about the Cocoa swap. I was gonna do it too. I guess I will have to wait for the next one. Please remind me OK?

  3. January 7, 2008 9:32 am

    I’m sorry I missed it too! I got sucked into ravelry for awhile there and didn’t check much else on line. Your blog looks great! I need a tutorial, I can barely post pictures! Hope all is well with you the and kiddos!

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