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Grab a cuppa.. this is long ** updated

December 3, 2007


I have been very busy… Anne even mentioned that in her bloglines Sunday edition post.. πŸ˜‰

So.. quick.. grab a cup of your favorite wintry beverage.. coffee, tea, cocoa… whichever floats your boat…


and while you’re at it… it’s holiday season.. so grab some of your favorite cookies… or holiday treat… whatever it is you enjoy…


and settle in.. this is going to be long..

Last week, the big guy was in Minnesota… for work, and conveniently got to visit his sister and her family while he was there. He brought with him my Christmas knits for their family, and they opened them early… which gave him the opportunity to photograph them ‘happy’ recipients… (I’m assuming they were.. they said so… )


3 hats, 2 felted bags… 5 happy people! πŸ™‚

While the big guy was gone, I was limited in my posting possibilities as he took my laptop with him.. and my desktop so desperately needs a memory upgrade that in spite of it’s relative ‘newness’… it behaves as though it’s a dinosaur… I spent a good hour yesterday deleting files and cleaning it up some to make it ‘minorly’ better for the Littles game playing enjoyment… I’m seriously at the point of wiping the dang thing clean and starting fresh.. it’s frighteningly slow…

but I digress..

I spent a good amount of time knitting last week, instead of posting.. and got completed 2 pairs of toddler mittens for my nephew, half a pair of mittens done for my mom, a pair of mittens for my middle guy, and half a hat for my Little girl… Big girl hasn’t yet chosen her hat pattern, and she’s insisting on GLOVES… which I told her would have to wait until after Christmas… I got all those (previously posted) washcloths done for my nephew as well.. I hope to post those patterns today… but the amount of cleaning my house needs right now is almost as frightening as the speed of my desktop!

ryleemits.jpg grandmamits.jpg chelseahat.jpg mittens.jpg

I barely got the middle guys mittens off the needles and he headed out into the snow with them. Now.. these aren’t really the perfect pair for a long play in the snow… but he really wanted them in this yarn (TLC Wiggles), which is a sport weight acrylic yarn. They are great for a cold day when you’re out waiting for the bus, or playing at recess even, however, a rough play and sledding adventure in the falling snow.. NOT so good.. he didn’t care though… so I didn’t get to photograph them until he came back inside… I know this will sound awfully yarn snobbish of me.. but lately I’ve been knitting with cotton or wool, or a wool blend… not acrylic… and the yarn wasn’t a pleasant to the fingers as it was to the eye… it’s a fun yarn, with little thread bundles off to the edge of the yarn thread every 8″ or so… the kids loved the yarn which I got a shop that I keep meaning to review for Anne’s LYS blog… it’s in Honesdale, PA… I got it this summer while we were at our camp and I was out running errands… each child got their favorite colors… Blue, Pink and Purple (lavendar really but the closest to purple I could get)… Little girls current hat in progress is in the lavendar of the TLC Wiggles…

The weekend held a lot of activity for our family… starting with getting out Christmas tree. We went to a local cut-your-own farm to find the perfect tree.. and a pleasant wallet surprise… in NC, we regularly paid nearly $75 for our tree… or we could have driven the 3 hours out to the area near Cass… and cut one down… however after the gas, hotel, and tree..well… it would have been a great memory, but significantly more $$… Our tree cost a mere $35… wahoo!

charliebrown.jpg bigtree.jpg picked.jpg wrap.jpg spit.jpg

The kids first chose a ‘Charlie Brown’ Tree.. and then a gigantic one… finally we settled for the one on the left (group photo)… the kids really enjoyed watching the tree being wrapped for the ride home…

I then left to bring the oldest girl to a sleep over birthday party, and to bring myself to a well deserved 24 hour crop that I attended from Friday evening through Saturday evening. I didn’t actually sleep over, though some croppers did. I made a mental note that there are some scrapbookers out there who take their cropping and scrapbooking as seriously as I take my knitting… everyone has their thing.. πŸ˜‰ I completed 26 pages… not too shabby, did a few pages of the big girl, but mostly concentrated on the Middle guys baby album which has been totally neglected.. and we won’t even mention how many NON pages are done in the little girls! My favorite pages though were my Chewy memorial pages…

abbyem.jpg chewy1.jpg chewy2.jpg jjfront1.jpg home.jpg

Saturday the big guy and kids started some of the outdoor decorating.. it didn’t get far though as it was bitter cold out… at least he drug up some of the many holiday decoration boxes from the basement!

We got the lights strung on the tree on Saturday evening with the plan to decorate the tree on Sunday evening.. after another packed day of activities.. which included watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, (Big Girl finished the book and wanted to see the movie at long last), working on Christmas cards, baking a batch of our favorite Peanut butter blossoms, that are already nearly gone.. not to fear, we bake MANY batches of cookies through the holiday season.. there will be more to come, sledding in the yard (it snowed on Saturday night), and I even managed a tad of knitting on the hat and mittens mentioned above.. and finally I drug the Tree Ornaments and remainder of decorations up from the basement…

(wow.. that was one seriously long run on sentence!)

Some of our favorite ornaments…

run.jpg mitten.jpg murphyornament.jpg sparkey.jpg chewy.jpg pickle.jpg reindeer.jpg family.jpg trees.jpg

Everyone got in on the fun of the decorating… the dog too… πŸ™‚

murphyhatnew.jpg mehat.jpg jjhat.jpg abbysilly.jpg jjsilly.jpg lighting.jpg tree.jpg

No, we don’t follow the ‘pickle’ tradition, our littlest just LOVES pickles… and the reindeer glass globe ornament is my favorite, and we get a new ‘family’ ornament each year… the reindeer family is the 2007 Christmas ornament… Chewy’s ornament is particularly poignant this year as it is an ‘angel’ Chewy… and of course, the ‘Believe’ star at the top of this post. I hope you let you heart believe in the season! Happy holidays.. now man do I have a TON of dishes and cleaning to do… lets not forget.. all that decorating that I need to finish!

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  1. December 3, 2007 8:17 pm

    You have been one busy woman – WOW! WOW! WOW! I am in awe of all that you have done…

    I hope you have been able to enjoy your time, even though you’ve been so busy. You sure have fantastic stuff to show for your efforts!

  2. December 3, 2007 3:49 pm

    Wow! You were busy! That makes my weekend look darned slow. πŸ™‚

    Glad to see the knits were well received! I can’t believe you managed to knit that much, that quickly. I think we’re turning into our own little sweat shops. LOL

  3. chanknits permalink
    December 3, 2007 10:35 am

    Good grief, you’re busy!!

    Wiggles. I looked at it, and decided I couldn’t knit with it. I did do Abby’s 2nd coat in Jellybeenz, and hated knitting with it. I like the idea of acrylics for babies and pets, but knitting with them isn’t my favorite.

    Love the ornaments, but your Chewy pages are what made me really smile, despite your struggles with the camera or whatever. I need to get my scrapping in gear too. Sigh. I need a craft room!

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