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Winter wonderland coffee swap, topic

November 14, 2007

As the cold of winter approaches, do you change the projects you work on? Do you work on gifts for others or do you continue working on projects for yourself?

This is sort of a funny question for me,  but I’m glad it’s here.. because I can admit to my ‘problem’ and move forward…  As far as seasons go, my types of projects don’t really change all that much… while I’m more likely to knit a hat or scarf or pair of mittens in the winter, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t also knit those things in the summer… I just might use superwash instead of cotton… I’m still going to knit a ton of dishcloths too… 😉  I am a bit more likely to work on an afghan in the winter… so I can snuggle warmly under it as I go along 🙂 (the Chewyghan is progressing nicely.. I’m into the green strip now… )

The problem I mentioned though is that I almost NEVER knit for myself.. with the exception of dishcloths, and a few scarves, I’ve not knit myself something since my very very first completed object in 1990-1991?   And… my friends that’s about to change.  When I’m done with my christmas knitting I plan to cast on a few projects for myself including:

Paws to Remember (special Chewy yarn has been ordered from Amanda)
Ruffled Shawl
Mermaid gloves
oh and of course… SOCKS.. and HATS.. I love hats… can’t seem to NOT find patterns I want to knit up…

I can hardly wait to be honest… the socks have been screaming at me for eons…  🙂  I’ve knit up one pair for a newborn baby…  😉 I want to knit a real pair, for an adult (ME)…  and while I’ll always have some project for my kids on the needles… I only have one other plan for the winter knitting season.. and that’s a layette for my friend Beth who’s expecting in April 🙂

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