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The dogs in my life… **Updated

November 8, 2007


Dogs have ALWAYS been a significant part of my life… I got that from my Mom, who had had dogs all of hers or at least all of her adult life… I know she had a Chihuahua when she was in high school and my Grandpa used to tell us stories about how he’d sit on her bed, covered in stuffed animals and accidentally sit on the dog because it blended in so well …

When I was born, my mom had Sandy… a mutt… and she was in my life for gosh… I don’t remember how long… at least until I was 5 or 6…


Sandy is the dog on the far end of the couch, not the one guarding the sleeping ME… 🙂 I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know who the guard dog is… I think it was a visitors dog to be honest because we only ever had 1 dog at a time…

My dad was a hunter, so we had a few hunting dogs over the years that he ‘tried out’ which ultimately became a family pet and NOT a working hunt dog… for example… Tuesday, who sadly I don’t have a picture of… a Hound… I believe he might have been a Basset mix… gorgeous friendly lovely dog who we sadly lost to a winter accident one year… and JC, which is short for Jesus Christ as we received her as an Easter gift one year… Misti, my sister, and I fought over this dog incessantly… Here we are easter morning with the best gift ever… (love the undies huh!)


When I was little I think we ALWAYS had some dog in our life… if it wasn’t a real one, it was certainly a toy…


When I was in middle school I got Pepe, and very shortly followed by Curly… Pepe met a very quick and sad fate with a car… I think we had him only 1 week… and Curly, well Curly was a mix breed with very curly black hair… somewhere in the boxes of photos from my childhood is a picture and I’ll put it here whenever I find it…

In High School we got Muffin…She was given to us by an elderly woman’s family after the woman had passed away… Muffin is a Yorkie and was a fabulous dog… The dog had Springs for legs… we have the funniest (of course I can’t find any right now) photos of her jumping up in the air next to my mom’s boyfriends German Shepherd and jumping HIGHER than the Shepherd! Crazy… Muffin was officially Mom’s dog.. but I loved her to pieces… It was sad to go off to College and leave her at home… she passed away before I graduated…

muffin.jpg memuffin.jpg

Look how young I looked… I was 17, but to look at that picture I looked a whopping 8 years old… 😉

After graduating college, and deciding that I’d had it with MEN and dating, I got Murphy…


10 weeks old, and close to Christmas.. it was my present to myself… and one of the best I’ve ever gotten. Murph is my baby, and always will be… a great dog… full of hilarious stories… and I hope to share a lot of them here…

When Murphy was 5, we had our first human child… he felt left out.. and I felt badly that he wasn’t getting the attention he’d been used to… that’s when we decided to adopt Chewy from my sister in law and her family… She was an amazing dog, and the kids in our family (and theirs) loved her to pieces ever day that we had her…

The pain of losing her gets easier with every passing day…

I started knitting the Chewyghan as I’m calling it… a rainbow mix of stash yarn (Homespun) that’s super soft.. and will be great for cuddling under on the couch this winter… Rainbow for the bridge she’s crossed and is waiting for us by…


We’ve had a few interesting things happen since losing her last week… and I’ll share them here… but I have a little girl calling me for help.. 😉

Interesting thing happened this weekend… but first.. background info…

Sparky is our cat.. he’s an outdoor cat… Sparky and chewy had a very special bond.. I only wish I’d gotten some good photos of them together… They had an unusual friendship… and it was really fun to see them together.

Chewy would act like she was going to chase Sparky.. and they’d run around in the ‘chase mode’ and then Sparky would whirl around, lay on his back, and bat at chewy’s nose (with his declawed paws… he was originally an indoor cat until the peeing in the crib incidents).. then, just as quickly as that happened, he’d be up sitting and rubbing his head into Chewy’s nose or forehead… it was so unusual and so cute.. all at the same time…

I was thinking about Chewy and Sparky over a cup of coffee this past weekend.. and not long afterwards Sparky walked up to Murphy (I was watching them out the window, which is what spurred the memory… I mean… seeing Murphy and Sparky together (instead of Chewy and Sparky))…anyway… I was watching them out the window, thinking of Chewy when Sparky walked up to Murph and rubbed his head right into Murphy’s nose… just like he did with Chewy (He’d never done that with Murphy before…)

New relationships blossoming for Murph all around I guess! This loss of Chew has truly been a secret blessing for Murph…

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  1. November 11, 2007 3:11 pm

    Sweet, sweet post… and such a sweet story! The Chewyghan is looking wonderful!

  2. November 9, 2007 11:40 am

    Those are great memories! And the Chewyghan looks so comfy. I’m glad to hear about Murph & Sparky’s budding friendship.

  3. November 9, 2007 12:14 am

    A string of family dogs and memories – here too. I should pick up some photos from my parents over the holidays… Thanks for sharing!

    Wow you looked young at 17!

  4. Neila permalink
    November 8, 2007 8:21 pm

    Great story! I was bitten by a friend’s dog when I was 6 (the dog was sick and died a day later) so I was deathly afraid of dogs. My family got a black lab (Snuffy) to try and help me get over my fear. I did fall in love with that dog but a few months later we moved and gave the dog to a farmer who had a lab and wanted another. We didn’t get another dog until about 15 years ago when we got a terrier/cockapoo mix (Missy). That dog became my everything. When we had to have her put down, it was like part of me died. I knew that I could never ever have another dog. It was just too hard. I still have a fear of dogs, particularly big dogs, but I also know how it feels to love a dog and be loved in return.

  5. November 8, 2007 8:11 pm

    great pictures of all the family pups. Chewy looked so sweet and what a great memento to remind you of your pal waiting for you.

  6. November 8, 2007 6:47 pm

    This is a great post. I like all the photos…

    Your Chewyghan is beautiful. I would keep it, too.

  7. November 8, 2007 5:34 pm

    Those are lovely memories! What a beautiful family of pets you have had.

  8. November 8, 2007 2:11 pm

    Those are great memories. 🙂 My childhood buddy (my parent’s dog, Buttons) passed away a couple years ago, at the ripe old age of 16. I love looking at the pictures we have of her. It will get easier with time. ((hugs))

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