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Winter Wonderland

November 3, 2007

Nope.. we didn’t get snow…  not yet anyway.. 🙂

No, it’s the Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap…  I love the weekly topic questions because it gives you the opportunity to learn a bit more about your pal…

This weeks topic

When did you first start drinking coffee? What age were you? Was it about the caffeine, or do you love the taste and smell? Tell us how your passion began!

College… that’s so stereotypical isn’t it!  Late night study sessions just weren’t the same without a Hazlenut coffee from the Spa at Colby… Me, my books and my coffee… loaded with TONS of sugar and creamer… which in some ways hasn’t changed (just less sugar now)…

I grew up with a tea drinking mom and a Maxwell House dad… that perk coffee pot sat on that little table in our kitchen.. I actually remember well my Mom preparing it for Dad… the smell, the sounds…  I was strangely drawn to that machine…  tasted the coffee once and then decided it was disgusting.. but that’s probably because I was like 6, and it was Maxwell House… and not the stuff I drink today.

In High school my dad started drinking coffee from Dunkin Donuts, which I really like a lot.. I didn’t then though.. the smell always drew me in for some tastes… he brewed the vanilla type a lot.. mmmm vanilla…

Nope wasn’t till College when I really needed to stay awake that I gave coffee a true chance… strange thing was is that I either waited too late in the day to drink it, or that caffeine had the opposite effect on me than everyone else.. I always got drowsy when I drank it…  I continued drinking coffee after college, mixed with tea times throughout the day as well… but became a more regular drinker in the last 3-5 years.. I think it’s the kids… the rate of ‘Screech’ I choose to live at.. requires that extra kick of caffeine now… 🙂

I find myself wandering through any coffee shop in the mall or whatnot just for the smell most of the time… the smell I think is my favorite part!

mmm I think my pot is done brewing.. that cold weather cleanup in the yard has me needed a cuppa!

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  1. November 5, 2007 10:48 am

    OMG, are you kidding me?!?!? Raised in Essex? I’m a Gloucester girl, born & raised until I moved to NH 6 1/2 years ago!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 NO WAY! Email me… I’m wondering if you may know the mother of my brother’s 2 oldest children… lol How old are you (email me)… ha!
    OMG… small world!

  2. November 4, 2007 9:58 am

    I’m with ya – dunkin donuts isn’t bad at all, and when you can find the French Vanilla beans they rock 😀

  3. November 3, 2007 12:35 pm

    Can you smell my Pumpkin Spice over there?? 🙂 mmm…

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