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Can they just be kids?

October 21, 2007

I’m exhausted…

The end of this past week has been FULL… last night I lay down in bed, grabbed some knitting (because, well, it seems I can’t get FULLY tired until I’ve knit a few rows)… and I thought… ‘What is life going to be like when all three of our kids are involved in activities..?’

We have not enrolled our children in activity after activity over the years… we’ve given them the option at times to do an afterschool activity if they wanted and most often they’ve chosen not to.. and instead came home and just did the ‘play’ thing…

I watched my previous neighbors run from school to activity, to other activity day after day… (granted most had older children than mine)… and not get around to dinner ’till nearly 8pm… and I couldn’t help but think… is missing Baseball at age 4 going to prevent my child from being the next Johnny Damon (Sadness that he’s on the Yankee’s now…) or can’t they just be kids?? I was so fortunate to have one neighbor who didn’t do the ‘activities/sports’ thing either… and it was a breath of fresh air to have her and her children to ‘hang’ with… I miss her…

This is the first year that any of our children have joined a true afterschool activity… Big girl joined Brownies and both Big girl and Middle Guy are doing Church Choir… I laugh a little because Brownies meets ever other week, and Choir is one evening a week for 1 hour.. 🙂 even those weeks when they both meet (soon to be on the same day).. I feel rushed and a tiny bit stressed… and like our family is split on those evenings… I can’t fathom what it will change to when Basketball starts in November (Middle Guy joined the school team)… I don’t yet know what the schedule will be like… but I’m already sure that one more activity will just make me feel a tiny bit more stressed… 😉

Here in PA, Cheerleading is HUGE… and the girls start at a really young age… nearly every girl in Big Girls class is in cheerleading… and while they only meet once or twice per week for practice…the games and competitions go on from the late summer through November! I’m not sure yet if Big Girl will want to do it next year.. but the mom’s I’ve gotten to know through Brownies and School assure me that they live and breathe cheerleading… and it takes up SOOO much time! If Big Girl wants to do cheerleading I won’t say no… but I also don’t love the idea of her saying Yes … hahaha

All that aside.. The last few days insanity was due to a birthday party and a Brownies event… and at least 80% of the stress factor was my own fault… (when isn’t it really?)…

I had to finish Big Girls costume, which including finishing her cat hat (which ultimately had to be felted because it was a tad too large)… and due to my own insanity; design and decorate the troop table for Troop 3324 for the Monster Mash last night (a holiday, costume dance and party for the local brownie troops)…

With all that to do, well, I was busy… but… I made it fun, especially for our kids… which is ultimately what I try to do whenever life gets this way… but the ‘making it fun for everyone’ side of me … well…that whole bit is time and brain power intensive… it’s exhausting actually… so today… today I plan to be selfish.. I will clean the house up because it looks like a bomb went off here… but other than that and church, I’ll be sitting in my favorite chair, knitting.. and relaxing… and probably watching football… 😉

Stay tuned for more posts on the insanity of the last few days..

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  1. October 31, 2007 5:25 pm

    I like the Harry Potter Patterns they will be cherished by 2 of my friends. Is this all you have of dishcloths or did I miss them somehow? Keep up the good work.

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