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Mom’s are absolutely ingenious!

October 16, 2007

Before I get ‘on topic’… My dishcloth swap pal, Courtney, received my package and posted pics on her blog… go over there, not to see the stuff I sent, but to send her hugs of support… she and her boyfriend of 6 years broke up this weekend, and she is preparing to move to a new town, and take only 1 of her doggies with her… please go give her a hug…

Now… why… why am I saying that Mom’s are ingenious… I’m saying that because I know it from my own personal experience… I mean…. ok.. I’m going to toot my horn a little here because it’s totally acceptable to do so since I know that I’m sharing this info with other mom readers who have the same sorts of examples as I have 😉 And I’m hoping said mom’s will post a comment here with one of their cool and ingenious things!

What on earth am I talking about.. I know that’s what you’re thinking.. and those who read my blog know that I get going on tangents all the time.. 😉 I’m not always the MOST DIRECT at getting my point across…


Why use paper cups or buy those paint containers… everyone one of you must have a muffin tin somewhere in your house.. right? How many of you use your muffin tin EVERY day that you couldn’t spare it for a paint session 😉

Another random kitchen item use, that I thank my Sister In Law for,… How many of you have a salad spinner? Salad spinners make fabulous SPIN art with your kids…

Since I keep referring to painting… no paintbrushes? Q-tips make great brushes, and you won’t need water to ‘rinse’ between… so a slight bit ‘less’ mess!

My last mom-tip of the day…

Those temporary tatoos that don’t come off to quickly… olive oil on a cotton ball, paper towel, whatever… or… baking spray… just spray, rub (a little harder than you think you’ll need to)… and in a short amount of time, the tatoo is history…

So… all those pretty paints went to good use in our first Annual Halloweenish activity… pumpkin painting…




Speaking of Halloween… today we did our second annual Halloween tradition… dinner of ‘Roast Foot’…

hpim0604.jpg hpim0605.jpg

Hettie would be sooo proud! 😉

We at long last closed our pool tonight… and while doing work outside today, the science geek Mom that I am got to play with the little girl and do a mini science lesson…

Amphibians… that like our pool



Yes, this one and 3 others were in the pool…




Rescued from the skimmer basket…




Presented to little girl in our bird bath.. the perfect ‘inspection’ height for Little Girl..




Oh.. Anne, here’s the cloth that I FINALLY finished after nearly 2 weeks of working on it …




I really like how it came out…



It’s called ‘Daisy Chain’, and I got the pattern at Harvest Moon

I absolutely LOVE the patterns on this site.. they’re wonderful…


Ok.. I leave you to go work on Big Girls Cat hat for this weekend’s halloween dance and a costume birthday party… sheesh.. I have a bunch of ‘quick.. I’ve got to finish this by a deadline’ things this week… I might not be able to blog much.. I was hoping to leave you for House, however, it’s off this week for baseball…


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  1. October 18, 2007 3:40 pm

    Hey Michelle, I can do you one better on paint holders, I use egg cartons. The styrofoam (sp?) ones. They stack good when empty for storing, can be used to hold both paint and water to rinse brushes and then throw them away when through. No washing, and easy clean up.

  2. October 17, 2007 12:34 pm

    A meatloaf foot?? Ick. Cute though…

    My mother inlaw was admiring your adorable children.

    Mark swears they announced no House this week at the end of last week’s episode. Still, he checked twice to assure it REALLY wasn’t on…

  3. October 17, 2007 9:32 am

    Great pics!!! Cute kids… and omg, is that roast FOOT?!?! LOL! You are a creative and amazing Mom!!!!!!

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