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Patons SWS ?!?!

September 30, 2007

Ok, I’ve been looking forward to knitting with this yarn for ages.. I saw it at Michael’s and wanted to get it, the colorways were so beautiful, and it was silky soft… and then Chan raved about it, and how quickly it felts.. I just had to try it…

I bought some in white (well, Natural Snow) so that I could make some felted coasters for my tea swap pal. Today at long last (oh boy… my swap package needs to be sent tomorrow!)… cast on what I thought would make a great felted coaster… in black and white stripes… the black was with lion wool… and I worried that it would make the felting ‘weird’… however here are my observations..

While the SWS was silky soft,.. it split like crazy,…

I HATE knitting with it…

I finished up my first coaster… and stood diligently by my washer for fear of over felting… I tested and tested and tested… went through a FULL cycle… and still the thing hardly felted… Brought the bugger upstairs to our front loader machine (we have a set left behind from the previous home owner in our basement, which is quite nice.. and top load so I can check while felting)… the front loader makes felting difficult as it locks once the cycle starts so you can’t ‘check’ on the felting progress… I ran a full (short) cycle… and still the darn thing hardly felted… I’m on cycle number 3 now, and if it doesn’t felt.. I’m chucking the thing… weird!

Bummer though as now I need to quickly knit up some dishcloths for my pal… I had been counting on these coasters… grrrr

As a note to myself…

I should learn to not worry about other knitters comments, concerns, reviews whathaveyou with regard to yarns, needles, notions, and test them for myself… I have heard such horrible things about Noro Kuryeon and was quite worried about knitting with it… any my only complaint so far (after taking a LONG time to decide to give it a try)… is that it varies in thickness… it’s not itching my skin, and it’s knitting up quite beautifully… Sorry Patons but SWS bites (in my opinion)…

Chan.. there’s a skein and 3/4  3/4’s of a skein (can’t find the other one) headed your way… hope you have a use for Natural Snow… 🙂

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  1. October 2, 2007 2:20 pm

    LOL We’re all so very different – and I’m with you; gotta test things out for yourself. I do abhor Kureyon, and I adore SWS. I think it’s so funny it wouldn’t felt for you! squishes up like nothing for me! Glad you at least got to try it out for yourself though – that’s important to know what you like and don’t, but sorry that it sucked 😦

  2. October 1, 2007 9:08 am

    Weird. I have heard/read that white and nearly white yarns don’t felt as well for some reason, but I’ll gladly take that SWS and mix it with some colors so it felts in no time.

    Give Murphy a birthday rub for me!

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