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Brownies *(updated a tad)

September 25, 2007

Ok, so I’ve talked a bit lately about cooking but this time I don’t mean THOSE kind of brownies… this time I’m talking about the kind that come from the Girl Scouts!

Big Girl decided to join the Brownie troup that many of her classmates are in. So off we went tonight, without a uniform (believe me I got the 10th degree on that).. and we officially signed up to sell those cookies in the spring, and to have craft time and a father daughter dance, and fun field trips and all things great and girly! She’s excited about earning badges… so I’m here to present mine…

Knitters the world over should proudly post their badges… and I will right now!

The “Proselytize Knitting” Badge – A requirement for all Knitting Scouts, the recipient must do his or her bit to present knitting in a positive light, whilst at the same time avoiding all references to “hipness”, grandmothers, and yoga. (here’s what I am adding **Knitting isn’t trendy… and to me neither is yoga… but that’s what the text said over there at the site where I grabbed these beautiful badges… I think we need to remember to represent knitting as a great handcraft and not as something only old ladies or trendy people do!)

The “I Can Be an Asshole When It Comes To Knitting” Badge – In which the recipient is so passionate, opinionated and entirely convinced of his/her own superior knowledge about all things knitting, that he/she may appear pompous, rude, or self-righteous… (Umm…lets just say that my rather unique way of knitting over the years has made me rather difficult to converse in knittease… so I just keep quiet and that gives others the impression of my assiness)

The “Knitting Caused My Divorce” Badge – Maybe your spouse didn’t fully appreciate your chosen lifestyle, or maybe you were caught in a lie about the frequency you were having S.E.X. outside the relationship, either way you can trace beginning of the end back to your obsessive need to knit. (ok, not really, but Big Guy always tells me that he can’t stand that I’m knitting because he thinks it makes me look like I’m 90 or something)

The “Knitting Whilst Under the Influence” Badge – This applies to both actual knitting under the influence, as well as achieving moments of stunning intellectual clarity about ones knitting under the influence. Presumes talking about knitting whilst under the influence a given. (I call this the Cass badge… my dear Vodka loving blogger-mate) Lately I’ve been stressed and been known to knit with a glass of Bailey’s on the rocks by my side…

The “MacGyver” Badge (Level One) – The recipient must demonstrate clever use of a non-knitting tool in a knitting-related scenario. For instance, recipient has used paper clips as stitch markers, or successfully whittled and then utilized bamboo skewers…(paper clips, twist ties, and soda can tabs make great stitch markers!)

The “MacGyver” Badge (Level Two) – The recipient must demonstrate clever use of a knitting tool in a non-knitting-related scenario. For instance, recipient has used a strand of Regia Bamboo to slice cheese, or repaired a small appliance with a metal knitting needle. (Bamboo needles make great toast retrievers!)

The “I Will Impress You With My Math Prowess” Badge – The recipient is a whiz at substituting yarns and calculating gauge, can space increases and decreases evenly and is fully comfortable with the basic math encountered in all knitting projects. (math/science geeks are us)

The “Knitting Has Forced Me to Seek Medical Attention” Badge (Level One) – In which the recipient has been forced to seek the advice of a medical doctor, nurse, or alternative healthcare professional for injuries sustained as a result of knitting. (Ok, I haven’t actually spoken with a medical professional, but I’ve had to use bandaids on a few occasions from my super sharp metal DPNs (US size 6).. and I refuse to use the A word at my age, but I know I’ll be investing in some pain relievers as I continue to age so that I can continue to knit!)

The “I’ve Knit Items With No Conceivable Practical Application” Badge – Recipients are those “special” campers who have knit items which somehow missed the mark of their intended application. There are probably more who are deserving of this badge than one would expect. (Who has not knit the ridiculously large, or felted the unpredicatably small item in their knitting career?!?!)

I leave you to browse through the other available badges here

House starts soon… gotta get these littles to bed!

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  1. September 26, 2007 6:35 pm

    Hip hooray for House! Wasn’t it a relief to see him again? Won’t it be even a bigger relief next week when we might get to see some of the old team? I am so happy to have “my people” back.

  2. September 26, 2007 11:13 am

    LMAO – I just added some on my blog!

  3. September 26, 2007 10:18 am

    Much goodness in your Ravenclaw package there…

    And what about those of us happening to love knitting AND yoga?! Pout… LOL…

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