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The ‘Green’ meme

June 13, 2007

I’m copying this from Kristi’s blog… it’s just a bit easier and links to the ‘Green Meme’s’ that started this…

Kristin wrote to Milotis: “I thought it would be a good idea if everyone posted what they are doing to reduce, reuse, recycle and save resources. I am starting a meme. (Can I do that?) Or perhaps it is more of a brainstorming and sharing of ideas. Either way, I hope you play along. To get you started, you knit with wool and it is a renewable resource.”

First, an explanation.. we are not in our own Home right now. We sold our home in February and are in transition as we prepare for a move to PA in the next few weeks sometime… (don’t get me going on ‘when’)… I have worked hard to live as ‘green’ a lifestyle as possible… and slowly make changes that I know will be better for my family, my town, and of course.. my planet! I’m currently limited in my rental home… but have plans to be back to my usual green self in our new home later this summer.

For those looking for information on simple changes you can make to live more Green, click here

1. We recycle everything that the City of Raleigh will take (right now the trucks only pick up 1s and 2s, which is tremendoulsy frustrating to me since we also use a ton of 5s and 7s)… I know of a few drop off locations that take more items, but with our recent move I have not yet found the best location or one that takes 5s and 7s (this is only because I haven’t had the time yet to find one) For the more out of the ordinary items we recycle with or where you can post your items for free.

2. We use CFL (complact fluorescent lightbulbs).. and I run around the house turning off lights all the time..

3. We support our local farmers at the Raleigh Farmer’s market. I try to buy organic, but am not a 100% organic gal. Cost is prohibitive enough with one salary to be 100% organic right now. I try to pick organic from this list

4. We re-use and recycle our grocery bags. With two dogs there’s enough doggy doo on our walks to use up our bags with the occasional recycle bags trip to the grocer… I don’t use the bags in our own yard though.. a shovel does that job just fine.

I have just found a nice cotton market bag pattern that I’m trying out so that I can use up some stash and knit some bags to bring on my own to the grocer.

5. We recycle our clothing in various ways… I save my oldest daughter’s hand me downs for my youngest daughter. Our son’s clothes are saved for my sister’s younger son… though he’s 3 1/2 years older so I don’t save everything since my sister probably doesn’t have the storage space for multiple sizes. For the clothes that are still in OK condition from my youngest daughter and my son, I give them to friends and to the Goodwill Community Foundation. I have also consigned and been a purchaser of consigned clothing at the Raleigh area ‘Kids Exchange‘ cosignment sales.

I have saved some of my very favorite clothes from the kids over various stages in the early childhood, and even clothes from their toddler years to make a quilt. I have always wanted to learn to quilt.. but who am I kidding.. I have 3 kids, I knit, I run every day, and I have a hubby… we’re getting ready to move… quilting isn’t high on my list… so the clothes are stored in a nice bin and I will eventually get around to doing/learning the whole quilt thing!

6. Water conservation:… we had an in-ground irrigation system, with a timer set for watering for 10 minute intervals on alternating days when our southern lawn came out of dormancy, and during particularly dry spells. An irrigation system can significantly decrease the amount of water wasted when watering your lawn due to plain old ‘forgetting’ to shut off the sprinkler, or for overwatering certain sections as you move the sprinklers around. We removed our water hungry fescue lawn and installed a more drought/heat tolerant lawn (Zoysia). Zoysia is great because it is slow growing, thereby requiring less mowing, is drought tolerant, requiring less watering, and is a creeping grass, which crowds out weeds, which means fewer pesticides!

Inside, we turn off the faucets during teeth brushing etc, use water conserving faucets and showerheads, run our dishwasher at night only and same with our washing machine. For washing loads of laundry and the dishes we use energy star appliances, and use the energy saving modes (if available), and wash in cold water. When I do handwash dishes I will use hot, but rinse in cold. The only time I can think of in the last few years when we’ve used hot water in the washer was following stomach bugs… and the only time I’ve ever washed a less than full load was when I was felting a bag 🙂

Before moving from our home we had considered a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering yard plants etc. we will definitely look into this more for our new home in PA.

Other things I do to be a good ecological sound citizen…

Reuse extra pages that print off the printer… for the kids to draw on, or I’ll print my knitting patterns off various sites on the back sides etc. I will cut it up and staple the top to make a quick scrap paper pad for grocery lists etc.

We compost… In our old home we were able to purchase a compost bin from our town, however it’s not necessary to buy a bin.. you can build one easily out of chicken wire… composting meant that our veggie garden each summer NEVER needed fertilizers, therefore we ate all those veggies organic! We were known to have the biggest and best veggie plants (and first to produce vegetables) in our neighborhood and I know it’s from using all that healthy wonderful compost!

I know there’s got to be more.. but I’m running out of time and this post is growing in tremendous length… so I’ll end here.. I like the 50 things checklist that I linked above as well since it gives me ideas of other ways I can be working towards living a more green lifestyle!

Gotta add… because I thought of a bunch more during our lunch break.. (I’m going to call it that because it sounds like I’m at work… when I’m here at home with my 3 kids and one extra for the week… and really… right now I kinda wish I did have a full time (away from home) job… it’s just one of those days I guess… )

how could I forget it’s a great site… go see it for yourself … there are great articles and info about living green…

I try to walk when I can vs. using the car… or, when I need to take a trip out without kids (which honestly is rare)… I drive John’s car because it’s more fuel efficient than my awesome and pristine minivan… We previously lived quite close to the grocer and Super Target and Lowes Home Improvement, so when I knew I was just getting a few things I’d throw the youngest in the double jogger and walk there. I’m hoping in our new home to live close to the grocer and other necessary locales so I can bike and get a trailer to pull the groceries and/or kids… 🙂

We are teaching our children to respect the environment, and to love nature so that they can continue working towards a better more clean planet for our world!

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  1. June 14, 2007 9:00 am

    I too have a large tote full of kids clothes to be quilted “some day”. They had some items they couldn’t give to a charity so they are in the box, I’m starting to think it would make a good wedding gift!

  2. reddogknits permalink
    June 13, 2007 10:47 pm

    Cool green beans – thanks for passing the meme along 😉

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