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Thinking ahead

June 7, 2007

Two years ago this October I participated in a scrapbooking ‘crop’ weekend at the beach hosted by my Creative Memories consultant/friend Kris.  My best friend Beth came down from Maine and joined me for my first ever weekend away from my children where I cropped to my hearts content from early in the morning ’till late at night each of the days we were there.  We did take a break to ‘see’ the water… and fortunately, the beach house was actually located inland, about a 5 minutes drive to the coast… so I wasn’t totally tempted to skip out on cropping to enjoy some beach time.

This past Saturday I attended my first crop since January… GASP…

Scrapbooking is my second favorite crafting love… second to knitting of course… sometimes though in the summer I get away from my knitting and crop a bit more.. mostly due to the heat and carrying around warm yarn… (not this summer I promise!)…

Well, being at the crop at Kris’s house got me to thinking about that weekend away at the beach, and how fun it would be to go to a weekend knitting retreat… I googled it today and found what I think is my dream come true knitters retreat.  Sadly, it looks like it just happened in March.  I plan to comment on the retreat hostess, Tara Jo Manning‘s website and blog to request info for her next one with the hint that I’d love a fall one!  I’d recruit all my blog knitting friends to come with me… like Isabelle, Anne, and Chan!  Y’all know we need this sort of weekend getaway… and Chan I know you can figure something out with the in-laws… a nervous breakdown or something 😉

Yoga, relaxation, massage and knitting all rolled into one weekend!  Count me in!

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  1. June 11, 2007 3:09 pm

    I saw your comment on my blog this morning, we do have a lot in common. Besides running, knitting, gardening, cooking, etc. I also scrapbook, I just ordered a chocolate album from my Creative Memories buddy to do our pictures from last summer’s cross country trip. I haven’t been to a crop since we moved, but once the sewing machine moves off the craft table, the cropping stuff will come out. I just need another 5 hours a day to do it all. :-)Maybe I’ll see you at the women’s only half marathon.

  2. June 8, 2007 4:12 pm

    You are brilliant – and GOOD! 😉 Actually, the inlaws have a cruise in late-ish September, and hubby and I are going away at some point, maybe a cruise in early December… Yoga, knitting, friends and sun and fun?! I’ll figure out a way to make it work indeed! Count me in!

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