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7 going on 13

June 7, 2007

Today is Abby’s last day of first grade… so surprising to me! How did this year go by so quickly!?!?! Because I had cool photos of JJ’s first day and last day of school, I bring you the Abby version… sadly, we have sold our house, so I couldn’t take the photo in front of our pantry door which has been our custom since preschool began… and we were in a bit of a rush, so the quality is less than ideal.. but it will have to do…

First day

Last day

Abby still (which is odd) lets me pick out her clothes… but often gives me ‘requirements’… last night at 9pm, she informs me that since her favorite color is now teal/turquoise, she wants to wear these ‘ocean’ colors today for her last day… she doesn’t have a shirt in that color though… so she stole her brothers light blue shirt and insisted on wearing it with the capris I picked out for her… yikes… not exactly matching, but ok.. I don’t care.. it’s her last day! She then adds on a floral scarf and teal head scarf and wraps them around her waiste… yikes.. we’re starting to look a bit like she did on her ‘crazy mismatched day’ during spirit week

She can be so particular about her ponytails (no poofy spots Mommy!)… and the shoes she will wear… (those red ballet flats are getting so disgusting), but will somehow still let me choose most of her clothing!

It’s like she’s 7 going on 13…

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  1. June 7, 2007 8:42 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    You have a lovely daughter and you must be so proud of her! What a very nice post!

    I thought I would drop a little note to tell you that your spring into summer dishcloth is on its way. I am giving away the secret, because in my excitement of sending off my first swap package, I forgot to inclose a note to tell you who I am. oops! Sorry I had to break it this way. I hope you enjoy the package. I had a great time looking for just the right things to put in it.

    Take care,


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