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The Owl is out of the barn

May 30, 2007

I’m dropping my HPSK package in the mail after I bring Abby to school this morning… I want so badly to post the picture I took of the ‘loot’ here… but I’ll just put this one little sneaky peek

This is my first ever swap and I’ve had a lot of fun putting this together… I just hope my spoilee likes it! The knitted bag was my favorite part… which of course I cannot explain now… but I had fun trying to stick to the Harry Potter theme in everything I chose to add to the bag, including my Sock DPN Invisibility Cloak shown above 🙂 and the super cool stitch markers I designed with Sunne. I’m fearful just a little bit since my spoilee is an accomplished quilter, and my sewing skills are basic at best… the quality of the sewing on the black shimmer velvet and satin(ish) little bag are barely ‘ok’… but hopefully she can see beyond that and enjoy the humor of the Ravenclaw jab I made on the blog site about stealing Harry’s cloak!

My spoilee is allergic to chocolate, which is a shame because they make some cute Bertie Botts chocolate frogs that I’d have loved to put in, instead she’ll hopefully enjoy the few other Bertie Botts goodies I found amongst other things I put inside.

Tammy, I hope you like your package!

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