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Oh my aching head….

May 26, 2007

I’ve been having a terrible headache for about a week. I’ve never had a migraine, and I don’t think this is one… today it seemed to be set off by one of the homes we visited (which was gorgeous by the way)… it happened to have various candles burning in nearly all the first floor rooms and at least one in the upstairs rooms… the mix of potpourri scents is likely the trigger… don’t get me wrong, I love candles.. but mixing scents always seems to be too much stimulation for my senses. Littles arguing on the drive from home to home didn’t help… nor did being hungry..

Speaking of houses… we have it narrowed down to 3 we like… we have generated our list of pros and cons and things that would need to get done at each house… and now it’s just a matter of discussion I guess… it’s not an easy decision actually… all three are almost the same commute to John’s work, two are more expensive, and one is in Move in quality… (meaning no fixes over time, except general home maintenance of course)… the schools in both towns are great.. so that isn’t even a concern.. it’s just down to which we like best.. which is hard because two are SOOO great for some of the same reasons…

On the knitting front.. I’ve knit (from my stash) (though not finished… gotta seam and ‘decorate’) two hats that will be christmas gifts for my niece and nephews in NY, and three and a half dishcloths (also gifts)… I have come up with a cool idea for a tank dress for Chelsea and maybe for Abby if she likes Chelsea’s enough.. gotta take some measurements for it though… thanks Isabelle for the idea… my top will be different than the one she did but I have the colors picked in my head (from my stash at home!)… đŸ™‚ I may recruit my sewing/quilting/knitting friend Lee to help with the final construction if I run into troubles…

I now have all the knitting done for my dishcloth swap pal… so I can mail that when I get home on Monday! đŸ™‚ Wahoo!

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  1. May 26, 2007 9:31 pm

    Some people just do not realize how odors change trigger not only headaches but asthma attacks. If they are burning that many cnadles what smell are they trying to hide?

    I hope you feel better soon.

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