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Let the insanity begin… I mean end!

May 15, 2007

We’re finally approaching the end of my completely insane schedule each week due to our current residence and children in schools in two different towns.. JJ will be ‘graduating’ from preschool next Tuesday evening,.. wahoo! I’m excited just because it’s a big deal to him… and the school makes a huge deal out of the whole thing … they even wear caps and gowns! But I’m more excited because I won’t have to rush out of the house every morning and NOT return until later in the afternoon. Chelsea might finally get into a better napping schedule, and nap in a bed instead of the car… ! I might be able to keep my house reasonably clean.. but also… wow… the $$ I’ll save from NOT filling my gas tank once per week!

Wednesdays are ALWAYS tough as I volunteer at Abby’s school and that means that we get home even later than the usual day… but today’s bound to be as busy as the usual Wednesday… I have some errands that have to be run.. and probably can only do that after getting JJ at school…

I feel like I live the life of the parents who have their children in loads of activities after school… (which we do not)… I just can’t imagine how busy I”ll be once my Littles are starting up with sports and after school activities! Yikes!

On the knitting front.. I received my Harry Potter Stitch Markers yesterday from Sunne and Oh my gosh.. they are so cool and so perfect! I also got my needles and am now just waiting on my yarn and the few HP goodies I ordered to arrive… and then I can send my package on… seeing how it’s going to Alaska, I want to get it out in the mail asap!

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  1. May 16, 2007 12:51 am

    Ah you’re so far ahead of me!! Hope your day didn’t leave you TOO drained – and I can imagine how much nicer it will be when you can be on a more ‘normal’ schedule! that must mean.. more knitting time?? 😉

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