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There’s a name for it…

May 13, 2007

Oh my gosh… until now I had just figured I was a whack job and with having taught myself to knit from my childhood memory and from a book (essentially)… I’d somehow gotten something wrong along the way… I detailed it all before here. Well turns out there’s actually a NAME for the type of knitting I did… (I have to use the past tense since I got so frusted with my attempts at lace that I went here to re-teach myself to knit (continental style of course) from the online video tutorials…

Annemarie mentioned that she knits with this style called combination knitting, and linked to a site on combo knitting here. I of course checked it out and sure enough.. .that’s what I did!!!

Wow… so it has a name.. combination knitting… hmmm

Thanks Annemarie!

While I’m on the knitting topic… I ‘found’ a skein of yarn (Colinette, Fandango) I’d purchased some months back because I fell in love with the colorway and the example scarf knit from it at my LYS… I had filled up my ‘purchase’ card and had $25 to spend, and picked this skein up with the intent of knitting a beautiful scarf for myself… well, since it is Mother’s day weekend, I figured.. heck.. I’ll knit for myself today.. none of the swaps, none of my kids.. I’ll knit for me… I cast on 20 stitches and got busy.. watched a bunch of gardening shows on HGTV, and next thing I know I’m at the end of my skein.. but what’s this??? it’s wider than I’d really wanted.. and too short… UGH… I put it down, angry at myself for knitting and not paying attention (isn’t that what stockinette stitch is for in the first place??) … tonight after a terrible dinner out with the kids (behavior was just unbelieveable, and too embarrassing to discuss)… I went down to the quiet of the basement.. and frogged the whole thing…


Tomorrow, I’ll head to a coffee shop after my long run and enjoy some quiet time and start over…

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