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Dishcloth Exchange, Chan’s contest

May 12, 2007

Ok, Chan posted a contest for her group of swappers and we need to blog our answers to her contest questions…

Question one: So, what gives you hope?

Hope.. wow, now that’s a deep question… and one that sort of needs pondering..

For me, a youngish mom, hope is most often in my kids… I see them so young and so vibrant and full of life and naivity… They are full of ideas of how the world is supposed to work, and it gives me hope for the future leaders in our world… the future adults who will run it.. that they can look back to the simplicity of youth, and the vibrancy of life at that age…

But generically speaking, in the every day life of this same youngish mom, seeing my youngest daughter at 2 1/2 working towards being a big girl and leaving her life of diapered bottom behind, gives me hope of NOT having to change any more diapers!   Wahoo!  Now that will be one seriously glorious day and worthy of a party!

Question two: How do you recharge and get energized when you’re feeling drained?

Ok, the level of drainedness determines what I do to recharge and such… most of the time for me… that same youngish mom of three very active kids, recharging and energizing comes from solitude…  a great run out at our land will always give me the umph I need to get through the rest of my day… I know that sounds backwards to getting energy when you’re drained.. but seriously for me… a run, in the solitude of mother nature, by myself…   oh my gosh.. that’s all I need!  Now, if my level of drainedness is so severe that a run is out of the question..then again, solitude, a cup of tea, and some knitting or a good book will do wonders for this spirit!

Question three: What is your favorite summer adventure, whether it’s a memory or an item on your agenda for this year or both?

My favorite summer adventure… as a kid, growing up in a tiny little town on Cape Ann Massachusetts, my favorite thing to do was ride my bike to the beach and have a full day to myself (or sometimes with my best friend in the whole world, my sister) was my absolute favorite thing…  I wasn’t much of a lay and tan type of girl.. it was more of the explore type beaches I’d go to… ones with the rocky outcrops with cool tidepools and such… I loved every second of that time in my life…  now, 25 years later I’d NEVER let my kids ride their bikes the distance I would go and spend a whole day at the beach, ALONE..  no way.. and it saddens me to know that times have changed that significantly… I still encourage my children to be explorers, love nature, the beach in particular, and to enjoy quite times to themselves…

My favorite current summer adventure… our running camp, Blue Mountain.  My husband and I have owned and operated the camp for the last 5 years and  while it’s a tremendous amount of work, it has become the one thing we all, as a family, really look forward to every summer.  250 High School runners, 2 runs per day, Olympic athlete guests, 6 days of totally exhausting fun!

Ok… so, I liked the topics/questions that the other two groups have listed for their contests, so I’m going to answer those too.. .:-) Just for fun!

Anne’s Contest:

If you were going to be whisked from your home and taken to a desert island to live out a year of your life….

  • What one CD of music would you take? – Barenaked Ladies, Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001)
  • What one book? A journal to capture my memories
  • What one hobby-related item? Camera (digital with an unlimited memory)
  • What one person? John (my hubby)
  • What one food? (no, you couldn’t survive on a single food, I’m just SAYING) Chicken Chimichangas

Devon’s contest:

-What is one baked item you love making or buying and why? Cookies, because there’s nothing more scrumptious than a warm just baked cookie

-What is one item you love to knit and why? Hats, because I love to make them, they’re generally quick to knit, and I have a ton of fun ideas in my head of hats to design

-Favorite outdoor activity and why? Running, because it keeps me thinish, and because it’s  the one sport I can do that doesn’t cost an obscene amount of money, and gives me solitude on a daily basis

and lastly –
-Favorite why to relax?
  Ok, I truly think this is a typo… I am sure it’s supposed to be ‘way’ instead of ‘why’.. but if it is truly ‘why’… then here’s my ‘why’… kids.jpg

But if it’s ‘way’… then it’s running… I run to be alone, to relax, to reflect, to rejuvenate…  and when I can’t do that… then I knit, drink my tea or coffee… and enjoy quiet time in a big comfy chair!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 19, 2007 10:46 pm

    Your children are beautiful and give ME hope! Thanks for participating. Happy running and knitting.

  2. May 13, 2007 4:35 am

    OMG your kids are cuties 😀 And I’d never even thought of a camera, but that is a GREAT idea!

  3. Mary permalink
    May 12, 2007 10:47 pm

    Beautiful Kids!! Brings back lots of memories of my younger mommy days 🙂

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