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Dobby Doesn’t want Harry to get close to danger….

May 9, 2007

Ugh.. I missed a big one with the sock kit swap.. and I’m so bumming about it. I guess I shouldnt’ be because my entire house missed it too it seems… Quidditch began and I completely missed it.. I didn’t know that it was being posted on the 6th, because I didn’t read the quidditch schedule… but even then I know I checked the blog that day.. I just missed when it was posted.. and since the snitch was found so quickly, I never saw the post about it starting, or the list of trivia questions and the photo scavenger hunt.. and so did my whole house.. so our team points are in the dumps…

Next match I’ll be so on top of it though! I need to rally the troups too… since I haven’t ever heard from my prefect, I’ll just be the little loner cheerleader..;-)

Speaking of Harry Potter Sock Kit swapping.. I custom designed some stitch markers through an Etsy store owner… Sunne… She did an amazing job and posted the completed project to me today in her store… they’ve been paid for and are on their way … they came out soooo cool.. exactly as I’d hoped!

Also, I finished my bag, ordered all my goodies, and now I just am waiting on my yarn to be posted so I can pay for it… then I’ll have my whole package ready! Well, ready but not all here.. I love the way my bag came out.. I just hope my spoilee likes it… it’s unique for sure!

hufflepuffbadge.jpg GO Hufflepuffs!

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  1. May 9, 2007 7:51 pm

    Sorry you missed the questions. Its a bummer they were up and gone so fast. I checked the HSKS site late sunday night and found them there. I think alot of people missed. I think i am either bored or obsessed because I think i check the site a couple times a day for updates or anything like that.

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