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I know it’s ‘wordless wednesday’ but i can’t keep quiet

May 2, 2007

So, Abby’s teacher’s TA caught me in the hallway when we were leaving school today.  She wanted to share with me that the Schools Media Specialist (aka Librarian) had visited her and Ms. Q to ask if Abby had indeed written the poem she submitted to the contest (meaning… her mom and dad didn’t write it for her)..

Admittedly we ‘guided’ Abby in her poetry efforts, helped her find good rhyming words, talked about what poetry is, and how to make it a fun story to read… she took a long time to get her words onto paper and find the right rhymes and tell a fun story, and for that we’re really proud.

Her teachers brought samples of Abby’s writing to the media specialist for her to review, and she concluded that Abby did indeed write the poem herself… and that she was qualified apparently to write the poem in the way she did, with the imagery and words she used.  But the next comment threw me for a loop and now I’m walking on the clouds just like Abby…

They said that her poem was better than nearly ALL the FIFTH graders!  holy moly!

We’re soooooo proud.. I want to yell it to the world… while I know that wouldn’t really be kosher… I’ll yell it to my blog! 😉

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