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Nature lovers are we

April 15, 2007

I’m so pleased that my master’s in Biology does get a ‘little’ use here and there. I take great pleasure in teaching my Littles to love God’s creatures great and small. The kiddos would rather carry an insect outside from our home than squish it… and I couldn’t be happier to see them do this.

Our newest ‘neighbors’ include a number of Eastern Tent Caterpillars… which I honestly would prefer NOT to have around, but the kids love to study them… img_2339.jpg

Abby finds feeding them and teaching them to ‘hang upside down’ in preparation for cocoon making etc. to be the highlight of her weekend… but even newer neighbors are much more exciting to me…

mama has had her nest in this cute little hole right at perfect viewing height for me in the tree in our front yard. We’ve occassionally peeked in to check on her… and she’s been a dutiful mom waiting patiently for her little ones to arrive…

Yesterday I peeked in and thought I didn’t see anything at all… I was a bit worried that she wasn’t there, and that I didn’t see any eggs.. but I took a closer look and sure enough.. little beaks nestled in amongst grey feathers… 4 to be exact.

But Abby’s biggest find was that if you ‘tweet’ like mama, here’s the result…

beaks begin to open!

How cool!

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  1. sarah permalink
    April 26, 2007 1:18 pm


    I’m so glad you sent me this blog! What great stories i’ve been missing!!!!! I’m so excited your kids are sensitive to living things… it’s such a beautiful trait to cultivate.

    Way to go!

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