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Parental Panic

April 13, 2007

Every parent experiences that sudden panic of losing their child at one time or another… we had a terribly scary experience with JJ when he was 2 losing him in a large store.  Fortunately the store management was on their toes, locked the store and everyone helped us find him.  I never want to relive that.  Well Chelsea decided to give me her version of the same scare right here in my own home!  We’d finished up dinner, and I’d ‘seen’ her get down from the table while her siblings were still munching away at their food…  I started cleanup when I realized I couldn’t hear her playing in the living room.  I called her… NO RESPONSE… I searched the house with no luck… she can’t even open the door to our home but I thought.. ‘Great.. today’s the day she finally figured it out…’… it had been probably 15-20 minutes since I ‘saw’ her get down… where could she be??  I was really in panic mode.. I had the older two running around with me yelling her name…

I finally decided to head outside.. and in our new house.. when standing near the front door you can see through the living room into the dining room… and here’s what I saw as I glanced in that direction…


it always amazes me that kids can fall asleep in such odd positions!

I can laugh now at the situation.. but that adrenaline rush is never one I like feeling!

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