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Life is always busy

April 2, 2007

It doesn’t really matter how much I plan to get to post on my blog… life as a parent of three children ages 6 and below just never works out the way you plan it 😉

The weather has been beautiful… spring is here and in full bloom which means we’re out in the garden working. The new house has so much potential, and so much work to be done! I’m nearly done with the raking in the front yard and took some pics of the house finally to share.

The kids have each picked beds for their ‘fairy garden’… and we’ve purchased plants and seeds and have worked the beds so we’re ready to plant at long last. We did some previous planting in pots that are showing growth and exciting the littles!

We’ll be out in the yard for sure today getting plants into the ground and seeds sewn! YAY!

This morning I took the camera with me when I took the dogs out… the morning light in our yard always makes for a beautiful backdrop with all the dogwoods and redbuds blooming… I only got a few shots as the dogs saw a kitty in the neighboring yard and holding two leashes and a camera wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped!

I actually got a much better shot (even though through the screen) from the kitchen window..


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  1. April 2, 2007 8:23 pm

    Hi Michelle, what a beautiful yard. i love the fairy garden. You do such fun things with your kids.

    Call me anytime, I am home most days 24/7. I can tell you how I made my pattern and maybe that will help you.

    By the way I’d love to see the princess crown pattern, my niece Hannah thinks she is a princess, LOL.

    my number is 518-273-7488 if you don;t have free long distance email me your number and I’ll call you, just tell me what day and time, OK?

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