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Finally uploaded some pics

March 15, 2007

I’ve completed a few cloths in recent weeks, though I wish I’d done more.. I’m getting there…
Here’s the USMC one I did for FIL’s easter basket. I have one more to design and do for him, one that says ‘Semper Fi’… I’ve got to get that one graphed out and started. I learned a lot designing the USMC one… hopefully Semper Fi will go much more smoothly…

Also, here’s MILs 3 crosses for her basket. I plan to make her the March KAL bunny for her basket as well… it really is so cute! I know she’ll love it. I have a soft green that I’ll use for the bunny…


And, finally JJ’s ‘Surprise’ square. Of course ALL of these still need to have their ends woven in and need to be blocked, but.. in time.. 😉 I cannot seem to locate the Om cloth I did for SIL’s birthday… I plan to make 4 smaller ones with a lighter cotton yarn this weekend on my drive to and from the half marathon… once I find the one I’ve completed I’ll post it as well.


Planning on taking it easy today with regards to workouts… just a light weights session and short run… 3 miles maybe…

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