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March 13, 2007

dug a dung dug a dung…. footloose and fancy free… ahhh the muppets!

Anyway… John was out of town over the weekend, and I was also so sore from lifting weights last week that I just couldn’t get my running done. Big bummer too because 3 days off in a row is NOT that great an idea really. So yesterday’s 6 miler felt strained and like work instead of the usual mental downtime… my half marathon training has not gone as well as I’d have liked… too many colds/illnesses since January, and then a minor injury that put me off track. I know I can run the distance and finish the race.. but I have this thing about wanting to get a certain time, and I know it will be very difficult now. bleh… it’s a flat and fast course though, so I won’t give up hope yet. Maybe today’s run will feel better and I’ll have a more positive outlook. Maybe not… but whatever the case.. I’ll get ‘r done!

Now… with regards to knitting… I also didn’t get much of that going over the weekend. JJ keeps asking for her ‘surprise’ washcloth… not exactly sure why he really wants one so badly but I’m making him one with hearts on it… and will tell him how much I love him when I give it to him tomorrow… it’s nearly done! At 4.5 he is still and will always be my mama’s boy. I’ll try to steal the cloth back to include in his afghan if I can… if not… no biggie, I will just knit another 😉

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