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Ahhh sweet bliss

March 11, 2007

John gets home this evening.. I cannot wait!! The weekend alone with the kids wasn’t too bad, but I’m ready for the double teamed action again! I didn’t get nearly as much knitting in as I’d have liked, but I did complete the knitting of Becky’s baby hat, it’s bigger than I’d have liked, but I think he’ll be able to wear it into the fall since it will certainly stretch some. I have to seam it and weave in the ends still, but it did come out cute.

Since I wasn’t able to spend much time knitting… I did spend a lot of time thinking. My SIL made a comment after seeing my kiddo’s frog and apple hats at DFILs party weekend that ‘they’d make great Christmas Gifts’… So I’m trying to think ahead for her 3. I found some great patterns for hats and am going to come up with a plan for her children as well as afghans for each of them. I think the afghans is certainly attainable since I could do it in simple blocks ‘washcloth’ like… I’ve seen dozens of patterns out there that I’d love to try and why not put them to use in an afghan. Of course this also means afghans for each of MY 3 littles… I’ve gotten the ideas for each of my sister in law’s kiddos, and ‘mostly’ have my three figured out. I just need to document them, print the patterns and pick colors still. Once I’m done with that I can figure out how many per month I need to make between now and then 😉 So I’m not STRESSING it when December rolls around.

Thinking of christmas already!! Yeah… I’m nuts!

I also found a pattern I LOVE for my MIL and my Mom… so I want to see if I can pick that up at Great Yarns this week and start figuring in the time for those projects as well.

I may hit my stash for a bunch of these projects.. which isn’t a bad thing since the stash never seems to decrease in size until I get the urge for scarf knitting and such… 😉

Ok.. bathtime for 3 very active kiddos awaits…

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