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Couple good days of running… but gotta finish this hat!

March 6, 2007

I had a great and speedy run yesterday… 4 miles… 32 minutes… pretty good clip, but not really a speed workout.. I included a song that Stan my spin instructor friend of mine gave me.. ‘Where’s Jack the Ripper’ by Grooverider. It’s a drums and bass song, lasts for 8 minutes and Stan gave it to me because I loved it from his spin class. I’ll probably include it in one of my cycle classes at some point, but for now, I love it for my running… I just set my pace to the beat and go… it’s a hard 8 minutes… I played it 3 times back to back for my run yesterday…

Today I hit the gym since John’s been leaving for work earlier than usual… so I couldn’t get my morning run in… Chelsea wasn’t as cooperative about the gym nursery as I’d hoped she’d be.. so it was a bit hard at first (I always live the Mommy Guilt for a few minutes)… but I got into a groove on the treadmill and then met Stacy to lift for a half hour.. man will I be sore tomorrow.

I hope I won’t be too sore to finish my JY Joyner baby hat for Rebecca’s baby shower… I really wanted it to be done tomorrow as the other faculty are throwing a school shower for her… but since I’m not a teacher and won’t be at the shower, I can really give it to her anytime.. It’s coming out nicely… an intarsia JY Jaguar Yellow Pawprint on a baby blue hat (couldn’t find royal blue in the cotton yarn I’m using… which is really the JYJ colors, but at the same time the baby blue is really more ‘newborn’ appropriate anyway!)

Speaking of knitting, I picked up a knitting magazine at the grocery store today… I don’t normally do that, but they had the cutest tank with twisted icord straps on the cover that I had to get the pattern for… I think that for once I’ll finally knit something for myself! There were also a number of cute baby hats to add to my list of things to knit.. 😉

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  1. March 8, 2007 7:01 am

    Nice pace! I look forward to getting back into a comfortable 8:00/mile shape.

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