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What’s up with that?

February 21, 2007


I jumped the gun and got back into my nearly normal training schedule only to come down with strep throat last night/today! Yikes… talk about a pain… I had nearly whole body aches all day.. which really means nothing in the grand scheme of things when you’re a mom! I had two children for half the day… but when John got home with Abby he let me rest for a while.

When the ibuprofen kicked in I got up and knit for a bit. I worked on the February KAL which is really quite a pretty pattern… I just don’t really like the variegated yarn I am using. Chelsea picked it out, and the colors are pretty, but the yellow got clumped into one section of the washcloth… and isn’t really distributed very evenly… Ahhh well… not a whole lot I can do about it… again the pattern itself is pretty… easy too. A lot of yarnovers and such… which is good practice. I’ll have to cut the yarn and ‘strategically’ place the yellow part of the yarn more in the ‘middle’ of the first few rows so that it is a bit more evenly spread throughout. The ladies in charge of the KAL for the dishcloths group suggested a variegated yarn for the mid month KAL, but next time I think I’ll pick a solid. Learn a little with each one is what I tell myself…

Took some pics but still can’t find that camera whodingy to upload the photos… it’s here in one of these boxes behind me! 😉

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