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February 19, 2007

Yesterday I got a ton of knitting in, and it was so great! I haven’t had much time to knit lately with all the packing and moving we’ve been doing. It’s such a relief really to have it all done and over with really. I mean, living in the current maze of boxes is heavenly in comparison to the ridiculous hours of boxing and cleaning that I’ve done over the last month!

I got Abby’s spiral skirt half done yesterday and knitted 1 1/2 of the 4 dishcloths for Dad’s birthday this weekend. I need to find some graph paper this morning to plot out the remaining two dishcloths.

I read the pattern for JJ’s snowdevil hat and need to make a purchase today of some needles I think… I have to check my needle stash (almost as bad as my yarn stash) to see if I have the DPNs in a 9… I’m thinking no… but I may also call Lee to see if she has any I can borrow. I’m excited to go to knitting tomorrow Wednesday night with Chelsea’s completed ruffle pants, Abby’s half done skirt and the dishcloths to show off! I usually dont’ have the completed projects to share like everyone else.. but now that the house is all ‘said and done’… I’m making time for my knitting again!

Today’s plan… finish Dad’s 1/2 done cloth, plot the remaining 2 and write out their patterns, and work enough in the basement to find my knitting stash!

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