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Chelsea’s mouth

February 19, 2007

I love to record little anecdotes of the kids…. They grow too quick and I’m so worried I’ll forget the funny little things they say and do… so here I’ll have a way of remembering some of the hilarious things that go on in our daily lives!

Yesterday we’re on our way to dinner since we still don’t have a ‘functioning’ kitchen.. not because of anything that’s broken, just because of the lack of items to cook with etc. that are still boxed up… so anyway… we’re driving to La Rancherita, our favorite mexican, and Chelsea yells from her seat… ‘Mommy I want the fishy song’… which would be fine if there WAS a fishy song… however… there isn’t one that I know of. She has a knack for yelling out the created titles to the songs she likes… ‘the baby song’… ‘ the doggie song’.. ‘the froggy song’… titles she creates from something in the song.. .makes sense.. even to my 36 year old mind.. but is the only thing that makes sense in the 2 year old mind with regard to song titles…

I digress…

when I tell her in response ‘sorry, I don’t know of a fishy song’.. she replies with ‘You know mommy, FISHIES… the song with fish!’ I cracked up… attitude from a 2 year old isn’t in short supply… but it was definitely hilarious! I’m guessing, after much thought since this incident last night that she probably was thinking of the ‘Itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini’ song… it’s the only one I have on disk that would even resemble something with ‘fishies’…

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